Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Do you want to rock and roll with your own DJ?  Ans want to create a new and outstanding version of a new recording by re-editing the song or by mixing them to create a new beat? Adding new instruments and vocals tracks and turning it to the dance hit.

Here is DJ Aviceo the one who is going to make your body thrill with her loud and heart-catching beats. Do not miss this opportunity if you are a music lover don’t miss the GI part dance mix.

In this article, you are going to know about all the best beats of the party dance mix and its timings with location and how can you join this dance part mix. So now lets the check-in

What Is a Party Dance Mix?

Wanna know about the party dance mix?  And also want to hit the beats of your heart?  But first, let’s have an idea of what a dance mix is. It is a type of social gathering which is also referred to as a dance. Some of the dance parties are held in public, some are at nightclubs and some are online.

Dance according to the music beat or DJ. Some are specialised events for party dance mixes. In which the DJ mixes all the beats of music in a very particular way to make it extra thrilling and high base. With these beats, you can have swing dancing or square dancing, or general dancing to enjoy every step.

How Can You Attend This Party Dance?

Do you also want to enjoy the beats of music with dance and enjoyment? Here it is. The GI Party Dance Mix with DJ Avicii. Here you can enjoy every beat of the music with a new version and enjoyment. DJ Avicii the passionate Army lover and electronic lover makes every lyric of music near to your heart.

You can enjoy this party online with DJ Aviceo. Not only this you can also enjoy the high thrilling and heart-dancing party on Mixcloud and twitch. So don’t miss the party and make your body dance with the soul.


If you want to attend this party mix music night you have to join DJ Aviceo every Friday and Saturday night? Why only Friday and Saturday? Because only on weekend you can enjoy your own day. You can enjoy your time. Free from work and hustles of responsibilities.

Join this part with great DJ Aviceo on Friday and Saturday at midnight form from 9 PM to 12 Midnight CST. So now don’t miss this golden chance to fill your heart with the glory of thrilling music.


In this article, you attain all the information about the party mix dance and we also give you the best platform to enjoy the party dance mix. That is The GI Party Dance by DJ Aviceo. This amazing DJ is going to rock you with the most upbeat and quality base music mix. Don’t be late to enjoy every moment of your life.