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A golf course is simply a place where you practice the sport with balls and clubs. Designing a golf course involves art and creativity. However, the golf landscape evolves continuously, and you may find new trends in the architecture of the golf course. Golf clubs and resorts want to design the course in the best way to attract more players. 

The presence of water hazards

You might have noticed streams, lakes, and other water bodies in older golf course designs. These water bodies add a photogenic feature to the course. Although they make the golf course highly attractive, architects should not overuse them. These water hazards may interfere with the enjoyment of the players.

Wider fairways with various hole designs

In a golf course, the part that is adjacent to the tee is the fairway. It allows golfers to have a surface where golfers can hit the ball. The best fairways have short and consistent grass. However, the latest trend is to make these fairways wider.

Many golf enthusiasts like to play the sport during their vacation. However, some golf courses cannot draw the attention of golfers who are not playing the sport professionally. On the contrary, golf courses with wider fairways enable amateur players to manage the game on windy days. They will have fun on the golf course with spacious fairways.

Furthermore, you can notice a difference in the designs of the holes. Golf course designers want to create various types of holes for unique architectural elements and different challenge levels.

Garden and other natural features

Modern architecture for the golf course has to integrate attractive flower gardens and natural landscapes. It will give the best feelings to golfers. These natural elements in the course will also highlight every hole.

Integration of technology

Modern technological innovations are intended to provide a better golf experience. There is an implementation of a project management system, GPS, and smart machines for better management of the course. These sophisticated systems provide players with comprehensive information.  

Besides, professional golf architects want to visualize the design before creating the course. That is why they prefer using software to make the preferred design of the course. A feature-rich application with several design options allows them to create a robust 2D environment. 

Sustainability trends in designing a golf course

Creating a sustainable design for the golf course is another trend. So, landscape architects should preserve the natural environment while creating the course. Learn about the way designers create a sustainable golf course.

  • Golf course architects should encourage biodiversity and fill up the space with native flowers to increase pollinators. It will result in diversity in plant life.
  • Groundskeepers have to use alternatives to pesticides to manage the golf course. Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides can affect the plants and the environment. 
  • Frequent watering is another way to make the golf landscape eco-friendly. Plants in the course may need water regularly.

You can find sustainable designs on the top Florida golf courses. Look for the best landscape architects who will design the course properly.

By Syler