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There are different kinds of football coaches, and each one of them base their tactics upon different principles. You can visit 1xBet for online betting on different teams which apply different tactics.

Normally, the principles on which tactics are based on the opposing team, the available players, among other factors. However, there was a coach who apparently used a completely different base to his tactics. His name is Raymond Domenech, and is one of the most eccentric football coaches that have been seen in recent decades.

Perhaps Domenech is better remembered as the coach of the French national team between 2004 and 2010. However, he also coached other squads. When finding opportunities for online betting, it is a good idea to visit 1xBet, as it features lots of chances on teams of the French league.

An expert on national squads

Domenech coached many different squads. It is possible to visit – bet live on all of them can be done even on go. The most important ones included:

  • Mulhouse;
  • Lyon;
  • the French U-21 national team;
  • and the French senior national team.

The coach was in charge of the U-21 French squad between 1993 and 2004, participating in many competitions in the process. He was also responsible for the Olympic squad during the 1996 games, and also for the U-20 team in a few world cups of that age group.

The Euro 2004 was a disaster for the French national team. However, honestly, the expectations weren’t that high. There are many live bet options on 1xBet on all the Euros and World Cups. Jacques Santini, who was the coach of the French team back then, left the post, and Domenech, who had more than a decade of experience on the U-21 team, was a natural choice.

A conflicting end on the National squad

France took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The best football betting website is 1xBet, as it features everything related to these competitions.

The team seemed to be quite an interesting squad, with names like David Trezeguet, Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry. However, France’s campaign in the tournament celebrated in South Africa was an absolute disaster.

The team scored a single goal, lost two matches and drew one. Not only that, because during the half-time of a match against Mexico, Anelka used some very crude words to insult the coach. At that moment, Domenech’s fate was sealed.

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