Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Skincare trends are about finding regimens that work for your skin type and target your skin concerns. The standard four-step routine does not work for everyone, as we all have different skin types and environmental factors. Plus, depending on where you live, how dry or oily your skin gets after going throughout the day may vary. With so many factors influencing skin, it’s not surprising that there are so many trends to try out. To help you determine the best skincare trend for you, here are six trends to consider.

The Supplement-Focused Skincare Trend
Another approach to skincare that is currently trending is the idea of applying topical skincare products that are based on vitamins and minerals. Many social media influencers post about their love for vitamin C serum and other essential skincare ingredients that are supplement-focused. You can also purchase supplements for brow growth as part of your skincare routine and use your tweezer gift sets for shaping and grooming.

The All-natural Skincare Trend
Many feel that the best skincare approach allows you to care for your skin without exposing it to chemicals. Traditional skincare products are chemical-heavy and focus on eliminating trouble spots rather than ensuring the health of the skin long-term. For these reasons, many people choose organic, cruelty-free products made of natural skincare-protecting ingredients. If you are sensitive to skin care products or find that traditional skincare products irritate your skin, give all-natural skincare products a try.

If you feel deficiencies may be contributing to your skin issues, talk to a functional medicine expert and see if supplement-focused skincare is right for you.

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Moisture-Focused Skincare Trend


Some people swear by moisturizing as the vital ingredient to good skincare. A significant component of moisture-focused skincare is remembering to apply moisturizer to the neck region. Many people feel apprehensive about using moisturizers and creams because of a fear of breaking out, but many of these creams actually target moisturization as a means of improving acne caused by the over-drying of the skin.

Even those who practice a formal skincare routine often forget about caring for the skin on their neck. By using light moisturizers and sunscreens each day, skin can allegedly be better cared for. If your skin runs dry, a moisture-focused skincare routine might be something to consider.

The Oil Clears Oil Trend
Another trend that is focused on one aspect of skincare alone is the oil trend. Natural skincare advocates swear by natural oils used sparingly to moisturize, hydrate, and eliminate blemishes. They believe that oil clears oil on your skin by using oil-based products. If you aren’t sure where else to turn, give this one a try, especially if your skin is oily.

The Exfoliation-Focused Skincare Trend
For individuals with oil-prone skin, another solution is to focus intently on the exfoliation products and tools you use to keep your skin clear. Using tools like dry brushes and rollers, you keep your skin circulated, promoting better elasticity, and helping it detoxify.

Your exfoliation-focused skincare products will be rough, exfoliating beads made from all-natural materials like clay and dead sea minerals or those that are a bit more potent and may contain walnut shells.

The Green Skincare Trend
This trend is about using sustainable ingredients to create natural, safe skincare products. If you’re into eco-friendly products in general, throw skincare into the mix! You’ll get natural ingredients that you can use over and over without causing issues for the environment.

Green skincare is best suited for those serious about environmental sustainability and who want clearer skin but do not need intensive products to relieve significant skin issues such as cystic acne.

The Bottom Line
There are a gazillion skincare trends because we all have different skincare needs. Consider the options in this list to get you started, and don’t give up until you find the perfect skincare trend for you.