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There’s still a lot of confusion when it comes to skips. 

What you can put in them, what you can’t put in them, if you need a skip hire permit and if you can leave it on public pathways. 

We’re here to bust the myths surrounding skip hire Chorley and give you more information on why you should hire a skip today. 

How to make the most out of skip hire Chorley

Do: Be aware of what can and can’t go in your skip

Skip hire companies up and down the country have strict rules to protect both you and the environment. 

Things like hazardous materials, mattresses, and glass (amongst other things) cannot be put in a skip. This reduces the risk of injury, and items getting into the wrong hands (this applies to things like medical waste). 

By contacting professional waste services in your area, you can dispose of these items safely. For example, if you click here you can find your local hazardous waste disposal service. 

Do: Enquire about skip hire permits

If you’re planning on leaving your skip on private land, you don’t have to worry about a skip hire permit. You’ll only need one if it will be placed on a public area or roadside throughout the duration of the hire. 

Not to worry, the company you choose can supply this for you – be aware that the cost of this will be added to the total. 

Do: Reach out to your skip hire company if you need any help

The team supplying your skip hire Chorley services will be on hand to make the process an easy one. If you have any problems, require an early pick-up, or need a replacement skip for any reason, just give them a call. 

Do: Take advantage of your skip hire period

Most skip hire companies offer a hire period of three weeks. By utilising this time to its fullest extent, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

What you shouldn’t do when hiring a skip

Don’t: Leave it too late to book your skip hire service 

Skips get booked up pretty quickly, especially during the summer months when everyone wants to make their homes and gardens summer party ready. 

This could mean you’re left without a skip when you really need it, so make sure you get in there early for skip hire Chorley. 

Don’t: Overfill your skip 

If your skip is overflowing with waste, it can be classed as a major health and safety issue. 

Any loose parts, bricks or rubble can easily fall out or be blown onto the pavement. This could injure passers-by and even damage cars. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure the contents of your skip doesn’t go above the side walls. 

Don’t: Hire a skip without doing your research 

There are a few things you need to be aware of when hiring a skip, one of them being what size you need. 

For smaller projects, a 2-yard skip will be perfect. But, if you’re planning on a full room renovation or a garden clear-out, a 4-yard or 8-yard skip will be more appropriate. 

Book your skip hire today!

Now you know a bit more about all things skip hire Chorley, it’s time to get online and book. 

Preston Skips are local waste specialists who provide domestic skips up and down the North West. 

You can book your skip online or give them a call on 01772 827603 if you have any further questions. 

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