Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 partnership dates back to 2017. Together, the duo has produced several iterations of the reversible Swoosh Air Jordan 1. There are reports that the two are planning to collaborate on another version of the sneaker in Spring 2023. Regardless of the future plans, the collaboration with Peter Moore is over for now.

Authentic vs fake travis scott jordan 1s

Authentic and fake crewkicks are both similar in design and construction, but there are key differences between the two. The first difference is in the type of printing on the tongue tag. Authentic ones have wavy text, while fake ones have inconsistently spaced lettering. The second difference is in the font size, with the latter being considerably thinner than the former.

Authentic pairs feature less letter spacing, while fakes are often shinier. Also, the swoosh on the authentic version is less distinct. The Cactus Jack logo is also different, with thicker letters and less space. Keeping these differences in mind, it’s easier to spot fakes.

Another difference between the fake and authentic sneaker is the toe box. While the Authentic version of the sneaker features a thicker toe box, the fake version has a deflated one. If you can find a sneaker with a deflated toe box, it’s likely a fake.

The lace hole on the fake pair is more prominent. The stitching job on a fake is thicker and messed-up. The authentic pair has the same amount of lace holes but is not as aesthetically pleasing as the fake. The difference between a fake and authentic pair of AJ1TS is quite noticeable. The Swoosh on the real one is not as crisp and shiny as the one on the fake.

Toe box

The toe box of a Travis Scott Jordan 1 reps crewkick is not smooth or well-printed. While wavy text is normal on authentic tags, this example is too wavy. There are also inconsistencies in the letter spacing. It is unlikely that a Nike factory would allow these kinds of inconsistencies to leave the factory line.

Another way to tell if a pair of sneakers is real or fake is to compare the distance between the lace hole and the Swoosh. A real pair will have a bigger gap between the Swoosh and the lace hole. Another sign of a fake is the thicker stitching job. A fake Swoosh also means that it is cheaper.

Inconsistencies on a travis scott jordan 1 tongue tag

If you have ever looked at a Travis Scott Jordan 1 tongue tag, you’ve probably noticed the inconsistent spacing. That’s not good. Inconsistent spacing can indicate a fake sneaker. This is easy to spot because fake manufacturers don’t care about maintaining their products.

You should also look at the font and size. A legitimate pair will have the font and size consistent with the real one. Fakes will have inconsistencies in the thickness of the font and spacing. Also, check the model code, as some fakes misspell this.

Flaws in a travis scott jordan 1’s lace hole

Here are several differences between authentic and fake Travis Scott Jordan 1s. These sneakers are often packaged in different ways. For example, the wax paper on the fake Jordan 1s is thinner than the one on the authentic shoes. This difference will affect the colour of the shoe.