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TikTok is a powerful social media platform to entertain people, and it helps to compete with your competitors. The application is a great place to display the company’s products. With this age group, you can reach your company promotion easily. The key to boosting user engagement for this platform is to use the right TikTok video size and post high-quality related to your niche. Even if you have a more significant following, you still have to post engaging content to get likes and views. If you are working to improve the quality of your content based on likes, then take the advantage of tiktok likes counter to know how much your content is engaging. Making videos is much easier than using different online tools and software. With this tool, you can create exciting videos that constantly interact with customers. In this marketing guide, you will learn everything about your video size and how to optimize your account. 

Video Size

Users can capture videos from 5s to 3 minutes, and the platform is working to extend the length of the video up to 10 minutes. You may identify video size by dimension, resolution, and other factors. The platform provides various options, such as uploading and optimizing your video size. You have to add effects and post on this platform to provide good video content. The video should be up to 287.6 MB for iPhone or 72 MB for Android, and also you can upload up to 500 MB. The recommended video dimensions should be under 1080 x 1920, and the aspect ratio should be between 9:16. 

Portrait Or Landscape

TikTok is the best tool to film your videos in portrait mode. The TikTok algorithm displays images vertically, and when you want to show them in landscape mode, you may use the appropriate tool. The application has an existing feature that allows you to edit the image and create a video for your content. If required, add filters and effects to develop glorious videos that encourage the audience to visit your account. On TikTok, those who want to increase their views may watch their performance with the tiktok views counter, which checks whether there is an uptick or decline in your statistics. It will help to get an approximate number of views for their profile pages, and you can also post videos in horizontal mode. Vertical video is the simple way to share your video content through social media networks. Using smartphones makes it possible to share your videos. 9 to 15-second videos are standard advertisements, while 60-second options are suitable for the news feed. 

Optimum Video Size Of TikTok

The video’s file size varies depending on what kind of smartphone you are using, such as iOS or Android. When you want to upload a video from an Android phone, you can push up to 72 MB into the cloud. For an iPhone, this number is four times higher. Users on iOS can upload up to 287.6 MB. When 60-second movies are limited, these file sizes are also random. While recording videos, you may have noticed the pause button before completing the project. It would be best to exclude the unnecessary portion before publishing your video. When the maximum file size deviates from iOS and Android users, you may use tools to discover and clip out what you want to share content with the outside world.

Optimize Your Video

TikTok video ads are available in two formats, and you may view them in the standard format and News Feed. Influencers use a third-party tool to create the TikTok video, and you have to choose the software that suits the smartphone. Do you want to upload your video with the help of a third-party tool? Then, you have to select a video from your computer, google drive, or dropbox account to upload it. You may use this uploaded video on social media platforms without downloading it. TikTok is a fantastic tool to check favorite videos, and you can watch the followers count by employing the tiktokcounter in real-time. Third-party tools allow you to copy and paste the URL of a video or any other online source. The platform uses a 9:16 or 1:1 ratio to crop your video, and also you may adjust the video with the zooming option. Change video size with the background color and select the format for your output file. After creating your video, ensure it hasn’t lost quality, and also there are no changes in your video. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok is an excellent platform for optimizing your website’s media files, page design, and videos. First, you should set up a standard template to create TikTok videos. It does not matter what your niche but create high-quality content. The video quality does not depend on the number of followers, but it depends on video size. You may use templates to create stunning videos for your next video to go viral.

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