Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The use of a tablet pen for drawing is becoming very common. Almost every second person you see is using a drawing tablet with pen. Regardless of the fact that the person using tablet pen for drawing is a professional or a beginner. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter what level of expertise is the user on. Using a tablet pen for drawing is a modern take on the conventional way of drawing i.e. a pen and paper. With changing times, people have adopted modern methods for even the minutest of tasks related to their daily lives. And, using a tablet pen for drawing is highly embedded in the digital world of art and production works. 

This change has brought a positive twist to the outcomes in the digital world. The work results have become more efficient, precise, accurate, and fast. Although many adapted to this change almost instantly, newcomers in this field may face some troubles when choosing the right tablet pen for drawing.

Opting for the Best Tablet Pen for Drawing

Here we have curated a list of the best tablet pen for drawing. Choosing the right gadgets that fall in line with the nature of your work can be a great boon. Not only is it effective in saving time but also plays an eminent role in producing high-quality content. Drawing is a norm in the digital and technical fields. Whether you are into backend designing for gaming, textile, or other related fields, working on a drawing tablet is a part of the job. 

Therefore, opting for the right kind of tablet pen for drawing is tricky. It is as important as producing quality work. There are many options in the market so there are many deciding factors. The following are a few of the many drawing tablets that are right for you if you are in the field of digital artwork.

The Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660

It is a very famous brand in the market that has an active screen area of 8.7×5.8 inches and offers a pressure sensitivity level of 8192 levels. The entire tablet weighs 1.5 pounds to support its portability feature. Many professionals vouch for its excellent performance and refer to it as their primary choice. 

It is highly recommended as one of the best tablet pen for drawing especially for beginners. Along with the basic features provided by any tablet company, Wacom offers customizable feature options to its users. Their customer service allows the user to practice their drawing tablets in the best possible ways.  It basically helps in streamlining the experience of creating, drawing, editing, and designing. This is why many deem it an ideal setup for drawing for beginners.

The VEIKK VK 1560

Next up is the VEIKK VK1560 which is the highest in ranking as a tablet pen for drawing. VEIKK is a renowned brand that is famous for providing its users with high-quality drawing tablets at economical prices. It has a pressure sensitivity level of 8192 with an active screen area of 15.6 inches. 

In comparison with other drawing tablets that are in competition with this specific model VEIKK always lacks when it comes to the active working area. It is a whopping 15.6 inches with a high resolution of 5080 LPI. The tablet has 7 short keys that are customizable. Plus, it is a great value for the money invested. The large and active screen area makes it stand out amongst its competitors. 

The Huion H430P

Lastly, we have the Huion H430P. It is a much-acclaimed drawing tablet amongst professionals as well as beginners. It is very easy to use and the interface is quite simple. It is available at very reasonable prices. The active screen area is just 4.8 inches but with the level of precision it provides; many favor it as their most preferred choice for its portability. 

The Huion H430P is compatible with most operating systems thus making it a robust choice. All in all, it provides enough features and specifications for it to make it to our list of the best tablet pen for drawing.


Ideally, using a tablet pen for drawing can make work simple and increase the productivity of the user.  Drawing tablets have multiple variations. There are many brands that are in the production of drawing tablets. They can vary in size, style, color, features, and specs. Some also have the customizable option that facilitates the users when they want to do something unique. The above list is an example of some of the best drawing tablets that aid the drawing process and helps give a boost to creativity too. This is why investing in a drawing tablet is a work of thought that requires consideration.