Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
sofa cleaning service

Due to frequent use by both visitors and the host, the sofa or couch is one of the items in the house with the highest traffic. But how many of us regularly think about cleaning the sofa? There aren’t many people who clean their sofa or couch on regular basis, unlike any other furnishing. This is most likely because maintaining and cleaning the sofa/couch/lounge is a difficult and time-taking process. The sofa has many folds and nooks, which makes cleaning it challenging.

But according to sofa cleaning Sydney experts, cleaning a sofa doesn’t have to be a laborious chore if it is done regularly while keeping in mind the following suggestions.

1. Adhere to the care label –

Verify the care label that came with your sofa and carefully read the label and clean by the directions. Following the instructions provided on the label, one can never go wrong. However, neglecting it and cleaning the sofa or couch without proper instruction can do more harm than good. 

And if you find it difficult the comprehend the instructions, or if the label has been damaged for some reason, you must be sure to contact licensed couch cleaning Sydney professionals and let professionals guide you with the same. Professionals will carefully analyse the fabric and texture of your upholstery and devise a customised cleaning plan accordingly.

2. Begin by vacuuming –

After understanding the label, youshould start by vacuuming the couch. If the sofa/couch/lounge is cleaned without sucking out the little dust particles present on the surface, they will penetrate deeply through the edges, reading to damaged upholstery. Even professional lounge cleaning Syndey specialists also suggests vacuuming the upholstery first before moving on to the actual cleaning process. 

A thorough vacuuming before the cleaning is a must to make sure your sofa or couch is free of dirt and debris which otherwise can do a great amount of damage over time and you might have to resort to the costly option which is sofa replacement. 

3. You must act quickly –

It is critical to act quickly when it concerns spillage or staining on the couch. Before the liquid seeps deeper into the sofa, blot the stain with a microfibre towel or sponge right away. Once it has inflated, wash the area with water and a light detergent. Keep in mind that excessive scrubbing can harm the sofa’s fabric. A blunt knife should be used to remove any solid stains that may exist. 

As an alternative, you can clean with baking soda and white vinegar and if the stains do not come off, you must quickly reach out to certified upholstery cleaning Sydney professionals and let professionals do the right work. With effective cleaning chemicals and techniques, skilled professionals can easily get rid of any stubborn stains and make your soft furniture look brand new. 

4. Avoid Using Excess Water –

Avoid soaking the fabric of the sofa unless you own a pressure washer or steam cleaner. A fabric that has received too much water may shrink and even become stained. It also gets very challenging to adequately dry the sofa later. Mould and mildew thrive in moist environments and can damage your lovely sofa beyond repair. So avoid soaking your sofa completely or hire a professional cleaner and get your furniture steam cleaned. 

5. Contact Professionals –

If for any reason you think your sofa or couch is getting properly cleaned or if you find it difficult, then resorting to professional upholstery cleaning Sydney service is a wise idea. With years of expertise and access to advanced tools, skilled professionals can quickly clean the sofa, dry it entirely, and remove all the odours making sure your sofa is restored and there is no room left for further damage. 

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