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It’s sweet but berry, fruity, and earthy. Bruce Banner’s immediate affect is euphoria, energy, and inspiration. This strain is ideal for morning or work commutes.

  • To create Bruce Banner, OG Kush was crossed with Strawberry Diesel.
  • Dark Horse Genetics produced this Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, which contains only 40% Indica.
  • The typical THC content of this strain is 25%; however, the measurement of Bruce Banner #3’s THC content showed a staggering 30%.
  • Bruce Banner types 1 and 5 are among the several phenotypes that exist.

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Bruce Banner Strain Affacts

Bruce Banner’s nugs are dense, and he thrives in either an indoor or outdoor setting. Higher temperature areas are ideal for cultivating this plant. Its large foliage suggests that growers give it plenty of room.

After eight weeks, the plant begins to flower, producing vivid green buds and crimson hairs. Due to its large yields, this strain is well-known among seasoned gardeners.

The strain inherited its parents’ pleasant fragrance. Bruce Banner’s distinctive smell combines a powerful diesel odor with sweet, fruity overtones. You’ll be surrounded by this aroma when you open the bottle. In contrast to its aromatic scent, this strain has a delicious flavor. It tastes like candy but with a berry, fruity, and earthy twist.

The initial Bruce Banner effect is a euphoric, energy- and inspiration-boosting head high. It’s ideal for taking this strain in the morning or on the way to work. In significant dosages, it is also quite useful as a painkiller and a remedy for various chronic diseases, such as anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia.

Bruce Banner contains a high amount of THC and is unsuitable for inexperienced stoners. To get the most out of this strain, smokers should have some experience and be tolerant of intense mental stimulation. It can be bought at any online dispensary in Canada because it is so popular.

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The Bruce Banner strain gets its name from the superhero’s alter ego, the Hulk, and it lives up to its reputation as a potent cannabis variety.

There are three variations of Bruce Banner, with version #3 being the most sought-after. There were 5 Bruce Banner varieties in the beginning: Bruce Banner #1, #2, #3, and #5. The status of Bruce Banner #2 and #4 was swiftly downgraded in favor of Bruce Banner #1, #3, and #5.

 As the most potent strain ever tested at a High Times Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner #3 won the Denver US Cannabis Cup. In 2009, when public opinion toward medical marijuana began to shift, Bruce Banner became a media sensation.

A high level of THC.

There’s more to Bruce Banner than its catchy moniker and intense THC concentration. The effects of this hybrid, which lean more toward the Sativa side, are powerful and well-balanced.

Ø Flavors and Aroma:

 The strain’s flavor is intense citrus, and when contrasted with the strain’s smell, its taste is significantly earthier and less sweet. Jason Holck of Dark Horse Genetics produced Bruce Banner by crossing Strawberry Diesel with OG Kush, as seen by its pleasant, slightly sweet diesel aroma.

Cannabinoid Content

Bruce Banner has extremely potent, thick buds. Bruce Banner #3 is rumored to have a THC concentration of nearly 30%.

Ø Positively Affected

The effects kick in quickly and hard, but the stone eventually calms down into a creative euphoria, mitigating the intensity of the first high. People who utilize Bruce Banner should expect a pleasant body high in addition to the pain-relieving effects.

Many people report that this strain relieves their anxiety and tension, as well as the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorder. In addition to treating migraines, Bruce Banner is often used for arthritis pain.


This variety often flowers around 8 to 10 weeks and is stunning to watch develop. The magenta leaves shimmer beautifully against the red hairs and green buds. Large-headed trichomes cover the buds like frosting.

More experienced growers looking for a unique strain with abundant yields will find Bruce Banner an excellent option because it often offers higher products than your typical OG Kush.


1.   What are the effects of Bruce Banner?

It tastes like candy but with a berry, fruity, and earthy twist. The initial Bruce Banner effect is a euphoric, energy- and inspiration-boosting head high. Taking this strain in the morning or on the way to work is ideal.

2.   Is Bruce Banner an excellent strain to grow?

Bruce Banner is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor growing environments. Feeding: If grown in soil, give plants a boost with larger-than-usual applications of nitrogen and CalMag, and apply a phosphorus-rich fertilizer as a final topping before flowering. To protect your plants from powdery mildew when growing outside, use compost tea as a foliar spray.

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