Performance exhaust upgrades are incredibly popular with car modification enthusiasts of all stripes because of the ways they affect the performance of other upgrades. As stand-alone improvements, exhaust system upgrades also make a lot of sense, and many of the reasons for choosing them are similar to the reasons that dedicated car performance chasers make the same choice. They can help with power, fuel efficiency, and overall noise levels.

Increased Power and Efficiency

When you are able to move exhaust fumes away from the engine and out of the vehicle efficiently, it is easier to bring new air in. That is a big part of what makes exhaust upgrades worthwhile. On stock systems, an aftermarket exhaust upgrade allows the rest of the engine to operate at its full potential, from intake to plugs. On an upgraded vehicle with performance plugs and fuel injectors as well as an expanded cold air intake, a JBA exhaust upgrade can make an even bigger impact.

Synergistic Upgrade Choices

When you are upgrading for performance, your choice of upgrades is only half the fight. The right order also matters. If you upgrade to a Holley Sniper ignition system and do not have the intake, exhaust, or spark plugs to make full use of its performance, it will show when compared to a vehicle that has aftermarket upgrades to all those components that match the Sniper ignition system’s capabilities.

The right order of go for upgrades can be tough to decide. Many people price things according to what gets the most stand-alone gain for the cost and then fill in the gaps. Some also choose to fund the most expensive upgrades like the ignition system retrofit or exhaust first. Either way, the key is to be sure you are taking care of everything in rotation, from precision timing to powerful ignition to enough air.

Tune for Fuel Efficiency To Save Money

Power improvements are not the only reason to invest in a new exhaust system. Without any power upgrades, a performance exhaust upgrade still helps with fuel efficiency in ways that matter to high mileage drivers. Coupled with other upgrades designed to yield fuel efficiency gains and a driving style that supports low fuel consumption, you can make a real difference in your fuel budget even when you do not drive a lot on a daily basis. Just remember that fuel efficiency and power tend to be trade-off features. If you are chasing one, you won’t see much improvement in the other.

Plan Your Custom Upgrade Path

No matter where you start, it’s important to understand when you will need to plan for an exhaust system upgrade to keep making the most of your other improvements. Remember, there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for practically any car or truck. You make a lot of gains, you have the chance to access designs and materials that are more advanced than the OEM designs, and you get more control over your final performance goals.What other reasons do you need to make an upgrade? You can find great performance exhaust choices from the same parts providers you trust for great Holley Sniper EFI pricing and other quality upgrades.