Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Beginner GrowersThe 4 Best Strains for Beginner Growers

Deciding to produce cannabis is an exciting thing to do, and it is generally regarded as a significant life milestone for cannabis fans. Many states and nations are legalizing home cannabis cultivation for adult and medical use, and many consumers and patients are taking advantage of the opportunity. And if you start with one of the four finest strains for newbie growers, you’ll have a better chance of success.

It’s not surprising that so many individuals are establishing cannabis gardens. Cultivating cannabis has various advantages, not the least of which is the ability to ingest cannabis. In addition, cultivating your cannabis can be more cost-effective than purchasing it from a dispensary; you know precisely what went into the plant you will eventually eat, and it’s a fun activity to perform, among other benefits.

Cannabis cultivation is not as simple as some people believe. Many people believe that, aside from the plant itself, all that is required to cultivate top-shelf cannabis is some earth, water, and light. After all, cannabis “grows like a weed,” don’t you think?

Unfortunately, this is not correct. Cannabis can be cultivated like a weed, and it will grow, but it will not grow well. After all, how often have you seen a weed that looks good enough to eat? The difference between a cannabis plant simply existing and a cannabis plant prospering and producing a desirable result is enormous.

From birth to completion, cultivating a cannabis plant requires attention to detail, continual labor, and careful consideration of several elements. One of the most critical considerations is picking which cannabis strain to plant. The strains in each given legal jurisdiction vary significantly so that some ambitious farmers may have few options.

Certain strains are better for rookie cultivators to start with for the fortunate cultivators who have plenty of strain possibilities where they live, whether via seeds or clones. It is unusual for someone to begin cultivating cannabis and make all of the proper decisions on the first try. If you ask any long-time cannabis producer, they will most likely give you examples of times when they made bad decisions or made avoidable growing mistakes when they were first starting.

Rookie cannabis farmers would be prudent to begin their first harvest with strains more tolerant of the inevitable ups and downs in new gardens. A common mistake that newcomers make is selecting a strain they have an affinity for without considering how temperamental the strain might be to produce. They only realize they’ve made a mistake when their plants die, or their crop is poor. Below are a few of the best hybrid weed strains to start with and aspects to consider when adding a new strain to your garden.

What Are The Best Strains For Beginner Growers?

According to Homegrown Cannabis Co., four of the best strains to start with for beginner cannabis farmers are:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Green Crack
  • Dogwalker
  • AK-47

The marijuana strains listed above are more “forgiving” than the usual strain, which means they’re more bug-resistant, disease-resistant, and produce a high-quality harvest quickly.

Those specific cannabis strains are noted for having superior rooting abilities compared to numerous other strains. A solid root base is essential for overall plant health because it is how the plant collects water and nutrients. The indicated strains are easier to supply nutrients to since they develop well when fed more widely available nutrients and are easy to purchase in legal markets. Growers who are just starting should avoid cultivating strains with exact nutrient requirements.

Bubba Kush, Green Crack, Dogwalker, and AK-47 are robust strains that can withstand less-than-ideal conditions. This is not to claim that they will grow in the dead of winter or a waterless desert, but they thrive better than most other strains through temperature and humidity variations.

These breeds have robust frames, which is essential for beginner cultivators. It’s nearly unavoidable that something will happen to a newbie’s cannabis plant(s), requiring the plant to be moved or survive a gust of wind or touch with the cultivator’s swinging arm. The stronger the plant’s branches, the less likely it will break from bending. Blue Dream, GG4, and Skunk hybrids are also worthy of an honorable mention on any of the best cannabis strains for beginning producers.

Know What Your Goals Are Ahead of Time

The first thing any aspiring cannabis grower should ask themselves is: What is the garden’s goal? After all, how can you tell if you’ve succeeded or failed if you don’t know what “winning” looks like?

For some growers, the journey is more essential than the destination. The “win” for these cultivators is just spending time with a plant that grows. Having a plant to care for and watch grow is enough for them, and that’s OK.

Many other growers presumably grow cannabis to provide high yields quickly. Despite what some breeders claim, no one strain offers the highest yields, fastest growth, and highest-grade cannabis. One strain may excel at one, but not all three.

In mind, newcomers should look for strains that excel in all three categories. Any of the strains mentioned here suit that bill. These strains may not win a cannabis cup because they are less unusual. Still, they will boost your chances of successfully harvesting a harvest that you can enjoy and be proud of while strengthening your cultivation skill set that you can later use to cultivate more temperamental strains.

Keeping perspective and assessing your situation

Some strains thrive in specific environments. Some strains thrive in the light, while others thrive in a regulated atmosphere indoors. Some plants require a lot of room while others do not. A thorough evaluation of the problem is required, as is careful consideration of the strain selection.

Because indica-dominant strains are shorter than Sativa-dominant strains, they are ideal for confined spaces. A Sativa strain would be ideal for small spaces.

Research the length of the sunny season and the amount of sun received where you wish to plant your sun-grown cultivators. It’s advisable to test your soil or use the most suitable strain for your soil type before planting.

Perspective is always required. Making the right cannabis strain choice is critical to creating a successful crop. No easy-to-cultivate variety guarantees a home run yield. It also doesn’t ensure a harvest. Inexperienced growers can kill even the most demanding strains. Success is not guaranteed by cultivating the correct strain.

To Ensure Authenticity, Do Your Homework

It’s unfortunate that just because a seed business or clone seller states that a strain is “fill in the blank” doesn’t guarantee it’s true! There are two types of seed or clone mislabeling: purposeful and accidental. Due to decades of cannabis prohibition, the legal business is still young, and cannabis genetic testing is still rare.

Buy cannabis seeds or clones solely from trusted sources to increase your chances of getting the strain you want. Avoid buying unlicensed cannabis seeds or clones online. Do not waste time and effort developing a strain to discover that it is not what you expected.

Inexperienced growers may not discover that they purchased the wrong strain for weeks or months because of the lengthy cultivation process. Buying from trusted sources reduces the chances of being supplied incorrect DNA as much as possible.