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You have a family trip planned, and the kids can’t wait to hit the roads. All is ready. You’ve your shoes on and your bags packed. As far as you know, you have all you will do on the planned trip. With this much energy going into your family road trip, the last thing you want is something going wrong right before the trip. However, that is not the worst thing that could happen.

The last thing you want happening is finding out that you left something vital to your road trip out of your packing list. Don’t get scared; it happens. It is perfectly normal in the middle of all that thrill and excitement that comes with planning a family road trip. You just might need a vacation checklist.

Reasons Why a Packing List Is Needed for A Road Trip with The Family?

 You need a road trip packing list for families for many reasons, but we can always sum them up into two crucial reasons. One, the faintest ink is better than the sharpest mind. In all that excitement of planning a family road trip, it is effortless to leave out some vital things.

You never know how tasking family trips are till you start. It can be challenging as well as tasking. A packing list helps ensure all those extra efforts and hard work do not go to waste when you find out you forgot to pick up something important or finalize car rental bookings with Under 25 Car Rental Portland.

The second reason is one we consider to be the most crucial reason why you need a road trip packing list. Sometimes, you think you know everything you need for a road trip, but maybe you don’t. Especially if this is your first time planning and packing for a family road trip. It’s a lot more than a holiday with grandma. You can’t pack along what you don’t think you need. It dampens your family trip as you realize what you need when you are well off on the road trip already.

Everything You Need for A Family Road Trip

 The last thing you want is to get on the trip and think to yourself, “we should have brought this along with us.” You can easily prevent either of these from happening with a family road trip. You don’t need to look too far or make multiple phone calls. We have put together a packing list for vacation to make packing up for your trip a breeze. In this list, you can find everything you need and more to make your family road trip a ton more fun and successful.


 We can get carried away with the bare essentials that we forget the legal essentials. When going on a family trips, it is vital to take along with you all the necessary documents on the trip. These include your car documents like your driver’s license. If you are using a location that requires identification, take along your ID cards, receipts of reservations for the location, car rental Portland papers and other needed documents.

Car tools

 Going on a road trip means a lot of car time. While you might have planned out getting your car in perfect shape, you might have left out the car tools. These include a spare tire, spare car keys (very important), GPS, road map, and essential mechanic tools for tinkering with your car in case of any issues. You might want to make arrangements to rent a car Portland incase you have issues with yours on the way.


 We know you packed your sports kit already, but here are some kits you most likely left out: a first aid kit, snow kit, sanitary kit, and a PPE kit. Take along gloves and even masks. If you have for someone with Asthma, we advise you to take along an extra inhaler whether or not they took theirs. Better safe than sorry! Also, don’t forget the bug spray and people (pepper) spray.


 On a road trip, do all you can and never forget your toiletries—these cover paper towels, disinfectants, wipes, sanitizers, and maybe even a trip toilet. Trash bags and an empty gas can should not be left out on this list.

Writing materials

 Here is one of those things you never think you need, but you do. Don’t put so many hopes on your phone’s notepad. Take a pen, paper, sticky notes, and even a journal. They are perfect for road trips.

Tinker Pack

 With the name, you already know what this is for your road trip. It covers basic handy materials needed to fix and work some things into use during your field trip. A small hammer, duct tape, some glue, a few nails, flashlights, an ice scraper, and a brush also come in handy.

Power source

 Except you have planned an “off your phones” road trip, you might want to take along with you a power source. Some family trips vans from Portland car rentals come with a power source installed to serve you and your family during the trip. It helps keep your phones, GPS, flashlights, and other vital devices on and in use during the road trip. Power banks and other portable power sources also come in handy. Don’t leave out your cell phone mount and portable Wi-Fi.

Portable snacks

 While you might have the whole diet for the planned trip, you might want to pack some extra portable snacks. Granola bars, muffins, energy bars, and a few fresh fruit drinks also come in handy.


 Containers to package different items, especially the dibbles—coolers for the drinks and meals. Refillable are most advised as they are more economic and eco-friendlier. Refillable cups and bottles for the drinks. Sandwich, freezer, and other portable containers. You can pack a few extra empty ones for storage during the trip.

Comfort items

 You will need a lot of blankets on your road trip and a little extra if the weather gets cold in your location. Picnic blankets, napkins, towels, travel pillows, and windproof umbrellas. Raincoats and car seats for the little ones as well. Travel towels, sunshades for the windows, sheets, tents, and some camping equipment.


 Take along a few travel games, cameras, binoculars, and even books. Audio player for a good trip karaoke is also quite fun. If you have kids with a lot of energy, an activity pack is very much needed.

Final Thought

 Quite rarely do you find anyone that plans a family road trip without leaving one thing out like Portland car rental documents. Well, rarely anyone without an ultimate family road trip packing list to help out. So, what exactly is an ultimate family road trip packing list? It is just a little extra help to ensure that nothing and no one is left behind on your family road trip.

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