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Temporary Buildings vs. Permanent StructuresTemporary Buildings vs. Permanent Structures

As businesses look for the extra space they need to continue or expand their operations, they often have to decide whether to go for temporary buildings or invest in permanent structures. The simple truth is that this is a critical decision. The decision often has far-reaching implications, so it is vital to weigh several factors before deciding which option to go for.

In this article, we explore the various things you need to consider when choosing between temporary and permanent structures to enable make the best choice for your business and its specific needs.

Installation timelines

For any business, time is of the essence and you may only have a short time available to get your structure ready for use. In the event you want the facility set up quickly, temporary buildings have a clear advantage over permanent structures which need lengthy planning, and take much more time to construct.

Temporary structures are normally fabricated offsite in factories and transported to the location where they are needed. They can be installed in just a few days, or weeks depending on the complexity and the size of the project. The speed of installation can be a game changer in instances where space is urgently needed, for example, to accommodate seasonal high demands, or to store excess inventory, and finished products.

Versatility and adaptability

Another factor you need to consider when choosing between a temporary building and a permanent one is how versatile you want the structure to be. Versatility is one of the key standouts of temporary buildings, meaning they can serve a myriad of purposes, including storage spaces, offices, retail display areas and so on.

If you operate a business that may require you to constantly change the use of your building, a temporary structure is the better choice. Temporary buildings are easily adaptable because you can extend or reduce their sizes as the need may be. This way, they are best suited for businesses that have seasonal demand fluctuations.


For any construction project, cost is a crucial factor, and you need to weigh it as you choose between temporary and permanent structures. Generally, temporary buildings are more cost-effective than permanent ones. You can buy or lease temporary buildings from leading suppliers such as Smart-Space for a fraction of the cost you would need to build a permanent structure.

Given that temporary structures are fabricated in factories and delivered in component form to the sites for installation, they tend to be less expensive as the materials are cheaper. Also, their construction process is quicker and less labour-intensive helping to cut costs further. They also don’t need an elaborate foundation, but just a stable base which reduces costs.


Does your business often change location? You need to consider portability when choosing between permanent structures and temporary buildings. The good news is that temporary buildings have the advantage of being easily portable. They are not fixed in one place and users can assemble and dismantle them without losses making them so easy to relocate from one site to another. 

Businesses in industries such as construction that require movement from one location to another can find these buildings useful. Also, if you operate a retail business and need to set up display space in different places from time to time, temporary structures are your most suitable option.


Permanent structures offer just a minimal level of customisation options so as you make your choice, you need to have that in mind. On the other hand, modern temporary buildings have a variety of options as far as designs, features, styles and other things are concerned. This means they are highly customisable to suit their intended uses.

With temporary buildings, you can choose the density of materials, size, insulation, interior layouts and other things to suit your specifications or use. Furthermore, you can brand the non-permanent structures to match your business’ image or to blend with other pre-existing buildings.


The choice between temporary and permanent buildings calls for some serious consideration to ensure you pick the best option for your business needs. Some of the things to consider include the installation timelines, cost, versatility and adaptability, portability and customisation options. You should always hire or buy your temporary structures only from reputable providers to get quality solutions.

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