Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Regardless of the number of financial markets observable online, the FX market is undoubtedly at the top, mainly because of its exceptional value, which is made evident when looking at the daily trading volume of the sector as a whole. But, despite such value, the FX sector is unfortunately littered with nearly every learning curve one can imagine, and anyone who engages with this sector will come across them sooner or later. What’s more, such learning curves are not easily overcome, and a certain degree of delicateness and caution has to be applied, making the industry hard to get onboard with.

As with any skill nowadays, there is a level of patience and competence that needs to be allocated to the FX sector if one is to acquire a grasp of things. But, for that, training in and of itself might not be enough. Then there’s the mindset as well, which can be just as necessary, as there’ll be certain kinds of strategies that will have to be applied, and they have to be creative enough to cater to the volatility the landscape is known for.

What Makes TechBerry So Unique

Underneath the foundations comprising TechBerry, one will notice an innovative approach to social trading, AI, and FX. This is even more noticeable when one notes the consistency that is applied when TechBerry provides market insights, which may lead far beyond the boundaries of traditional analyses. This can also be a result of the knowledge it gathers on a daily basis, which is composed of the experience of exactly 100,000 trading accounts. These accounts all belong to professionals, allowing market sentiments to be more effectively gauged.

In addition, because of TechBerry’s incorporation of several deep learning algorithms, a ton of data can be evaluated, enabling opportune or favorable trading moments to be more quickly observed. Moreover, TechBerry has its own expert advisor software to offer as well, giving both the experts and the novices another avenue to benefit from, where they only need to share their trading data. 

Another aspect worth mentioning is TechBerry’s inception, which took place in 2015. So, it has been operating successfully for nearly eight years now, which only adds to its reliability since it suggests that it has survived for that long within a sector as competitive as FX while simultaneously granting its users access to an 11.2% return rate every month on their investments.

The Individuals TechBerry Benefits

TechBerry has become a leading player within the FX industry, boosting financial gains and revenue for so many groups or individuals, like investors, for instance. Therefore, the ones mentioned below are but a few of them.


Investors need only to register for an account and deposit some funds if they wish to access TechBerry’s return rates. But once they’re done with that, they can simply watch on as TechBerry takes their investments and grows their worth steadily over time. This is largely due to how TechBerry automates things for its users, reducing the need for them to keep track of how their investments have been performing. But should a loss occur amidst market downturns, TechBerry’s insurance layer is there to cover that.

But there’s no stopping the benefits there. There is so much you can experience with the variety of its membership plans, all of which have been made with investors and their best interests in mind. Thus, TechBerry’s membership plans are divided into various tiers or levels, like green gold, diamond, silver, and others. The fees, along with the insurance coverage and other such factors, largely depend on the tier you’re subscribed to. The quality of all these tiers is top-notch, and such is the case for VIP as well, its highest tier yet.

With VIP, the insurance you’ll be getting sits at a whopping 100%, and when it is blended with the numerous other benefits it brings, such as lower fees, access to an annual exclusive global event for VIP members, real-time trade monitoring, a personal manager, and much more, it just implies that one need not worry about whether their investments are well placed or not.


For those whose interests land them within the trading aspects relating to the industry, they will notice TechBerry to be a haven they can utilize for their passive income goals. All they would need to do, as alluded to earlier, is share their trading data pertaining to the MT5 or MT4 platforms they use, and they will be rewarded for that each month.

Financial Institutions

Firms that seek sustainable profitability and insights into the FX landscape will find TechBerry to be sufficient at handling their requirements, especially when considering the intricacy of its historical insights.

Muslim Investors

For Muslims, they will find TechBerry’s trading practices to be compliant with Sharia. They can therefore feel at ease knowing that they will not be compromising their religious values. Other than that, the platform has been extensively audited by several third parties, such as MyFxBook, FX Blue, and many more.

TechBerry Vs. Competitors

AvaTrade has many resources to provide, and its popularity across the globe is self-evident. But where it may be lacking when compared to TechBerry is how it makes no promises of consistent return rates to its investors, nor does it incentivize data sharing, both of which TechBerry caters to.

eToro offers both copy and individual trading, even allowing investments to be simulated through several products such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. However, with TechBerry, the platform does not merely duplicate trades; it instead handles them more competently by automating trading strategies that have a proven track record.

TechBerry’s Bitcoin ETF Alternative

BTC-centric ETFs refer to those assets that mirror the value of the token underlying them, i.e., BTC, and can be exchanged on traditional exchanges. Such instruments support investments in the tokens, excluding cryptocurrency exchanges from the equation while offering leverage.

The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, or BITO, is quite a popular example of this, and the NYSE Arca offers it as an investment option. This phenomenon has presented opportunities within TechBerry’s lineup since it has set itself as a substitute for Bitcoin ETFs, a leading one at that. Therefore, clients at TechBerry will now be provided with several membership plans based on the one and only Bitcoin, with seamless deposits and withdrawals at exchange rates determined during the moment the transaction is being executed. As for payment methods, they include bank wires and credit cards, which can make this an endeavor worth delving into for any investor.

TechBerry: The Future of Forex is Closer Than You Think

Considering the innovation brought about by TechBerry, it is no wonder that it has swiftly ascended the ranks and reached a point where it is a leading player within the FX landscape. This success is largely a result of the consistency it displays in many of its offerings, particularly that 11.2% return rate every month, and that too in a sector known for being risky, where millions may be lost within the span of a heartbeat.

By Syler