Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Tanner Simkins Gets Complete SET in the Game

The sports world took a knee during the pandemic – that much we know. But it’s bouncing back fast and strong.

Complete SET Agency CEO and founder Tanner Simkins watched the industry change over the course of the COVID-19 outbreak and implemented several key strategies that spelled out success – not only allowing his agency to weather the pandemic’s storm, but bounce back afterward.

In 2021, the Supreme Court decided that the NCAA could no longer limit education-related payments to student athletes. Therefore, the nation’s approximately more than 460,000 NCAA athletes will be allowed to accept endorsement deals, branded promotions, local advertisement partnerships, autograph signings, and profit from social media posts. 

NIL representation is only a small part of the company’s core competencies. Since 2014, Complete SET has provided strategic options for its growing client roster, which has resulted in over $50 million in dealmaking – this covers a broad variety of categories including consulting, brand partnerships, marketing, contract negotiations, and digital services. “Success in business,” Simkins shares, “is a combination of sweat equity, expertise, and proximity. I make it a point to control all three.”

Complete SET Agency is a full-service sports and entertainment firm that provides multi-disciplinary services to offer flexibility as clients’ needs change. Operating as a hybrid business agency, the firm’s clientele includes professional athletes, sports executives, and teams across various athletic industries. Complete SET provides digital services such as consulting and online marketing and promotion. The agency renders business solutions and strategic innovation for companies as well.

 “NIL gives me another avenue to deliver in. I have done deals with traditional sports consumer brands…but I prefer to architect more innovative deals…These deals generate buzz for my student athlete clients and a boost to their personal brands.”

For over a decade, Complete SET has provided strategic options for its professional clients. “Never say can’t,” he says. “Believe in bold ideas, be innovative and different.”


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