Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
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These days all candidates evaluate the opportunities available by analyzing the possibilities before making any commitment to a job. In earlier days, people were just concerned about getting hired. But due to this situation, things have led to a talent shortage. The actual problem is that most recruitment managers are short-sighted to an extent. They are not concerned about the candidate’s needs to be recruited for long-term work. You need to propose stability and security for these permanent positions. 

Talent shortage situation

One of the top management consulting firms in the U.S. conducted a survey recently. According to its findings, there is a possibility of more than 85 million jobs getting vacant by 2030. This will lead to a whopping $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenues every year. Looking for qualified candidates was not too difficult, however, these days the applicants often lack the expertise needed to fill the vacancy created for a qualified candidate. In the U.S. alone, more than 6 million unemployed people searched for work last month. The number of open jobs available during this period was 7 million. Another group researched in the U.S. indicated a rise in talent shortage by threefold in comparison with the last ten years. At the moment almost 70% of the recruitment managers are stressed out about hiring the top talent.


There are many employers out there that are short-sighted. This is because they are unable to see that many employees are likely to leave their jobs if they are not provided more flexibility for work. The older workforce is getting retired and the young pros do not have sufficient experience, training, and skills leading to the problem of talent shortage. Let’s check out some solutions for getting around this problem and stay away from short-sighted recruitment.

Hiring international PEOs

One of the effective solutions for avoiding short-sighted recruitment is outsourcing this human capital acquiring to international PEOs. This will intensify operational efficiency by bringing in all the expert talent to the table. By using their refined systems and established hiring procedures, international PEOs can improve your hiring process. They can also manage the whole administrative procedure pretty effectively. Some businesses have limited working capital and by using this method they can forgo the expensive infrastructure, lengthy hiring procedures, and development of internal HR teams. All these tasks can be outsourced to the international PEOs.


The services offered by international PEOs are invaluable to several businesses that have little resources for supporting their entire HR team. This problem is resolved by hiring the services of an international PEO as it provides access to skilled recruitment experts that are aware of everything related to hiring strategies required for developing staff for an organization. These businesses can also contact web-based technology solutions for boosting their online recruitment procedures.

Create a supply chain

There is another way to avoid short-sighted hiring. It is by creating a supply chain for pipelining the available talent. A talent pipeline is a pre-emptive recruitment strategy used for overcoming the upcoming staff requirements that may be developed via strategy formation, connection building, and branding metrics. Employers may hire and retain experienced staff members after the development of talent supply chains. This permits better recruitment outcomes. A talent pipeline identifies all the top talent via employee referrals, network connections, and shortlisted candidates for a position.


You can also create a plan for interaction with experts by using posts, newsletters, and personal emails. The whole purpose of creating talent supply chains is to establish contact with the prospective candidate. This is for accelerating the hiring process when there are vacant positions available. You can further resolve the issues that arise due to short-sighted hiring procedures by estimating the future hiring requirements, increasing the visibility of your company culture, and adopting a proactive attitude for recruitment.


Although the issues between short-sighted hiring and talent shortage are pretty real, companies need to work smartly. This is because they are looking to hire the top talent and fill the gap in skills. It is a good idea for businesses to look for international PEO services for streamlining their processes. Remember, the pandemic has left its mark and has transformed the recruitment scenario. For hiring top talent, you need to provide geographical mobility, flexibility, and a better work-life balance to the candidates.