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What preparation do I need to do to study abroad? What are the popular study abroad countries? If you want to know that, then read on.

Study Abroad Preparations

When you decide to study abroad, what do you need to do to prepare? Where should I start? We have listed three major directions for studying abroad, so that you will not be confused in the process of preparing for studying abroad!

1. Determine the destination country, school and department of study abroad

In the first step of starting your study abroad application, you need to decide which country you want to study in. You can decide the study destination and school that suits you according to your interests, personal characteristics, budget, etc. For example, students who are more autonomous and like freedom can choose to study abroad in places with freer course selection systems, such as the United States.

2. Collect the admission criteria, application schedule and application documents of the school

After confirming your favorite school, you can go to the school website to collect the application qualifications and required documents in previous years. In addition to the requirements of English scores and academic scores, some departments require students to have some professional skills or have taken certain prescribed courses, and some schools prefer students to have internship or industry experience. Generally, to apply for a foreign university or research institute, the application documents that need to be prepared are:

  • Transcript
  • Resume/CV
  • Proof of foreign language proficiency
  • Letters of Recommendation References
  • Portfolio (Department of Art and Design)

3. Planning application and preparation schedule

After understanding these requirements, plan your time properly, improve your academic and professional standards, and meet the admission requirements of your desired university. In the first half to one year of the application, plan the preparation schedule of the required application documents, and actually prepare according to the application schedule. After the application is completed, don’t forget to continue to prepare and understand the follow-up procedures such as visa processing and overseas accommodation application.

Popular Study Abroad Countries

This part will answer you 3 questions: What are the popular study abroad countries? Why go to these countries? How much do I need to prepare for studying abroad?

Study in the UK

The UK has a profound cultural heritage and rich history, and it is also very convenient to travel to various European countries. It has always been a popular study abroad country.

Characteristics of studying in the UK

– A wide variety of courses and a short study time: British universities offer a very rich and diverse curriculum, and most master’s courses only take one year. Diverse course design and study time allow students to choose suitable courses according to their career needs.

– The application steps are simple and easy to prepare: The application of the British university does not require additional subject test scores such as GMAT and GRE, and the preparation of application documents is relatively easy. In addition, unlike applying for American universities, which requires one-step completion, most British universities accept students to postpone the completion of qualified English and academic results.

– Located in Europe, convenient transportation: Compared with other study abroad destinations, students studying in the UK can experience and visit different countries with less travel costs.

Costs of studying in the UK

  • Tuition fees: £15,000
  • Living expenses: £7,200
  • Accommodation: £8,000
  • Total: £30,000

Study in the US

The United States advocates freedom and diverse cultural backgrounds, and has many coveted technology companies. It has always been a popular country for students to choose to study abroad.

Characteristics of studying in the United States

– High-value academic qualifications: The United States has many excellent universities that are among the best in various competitions in the world. In addition to the world’s first academic achievement, the alumni network actively established by American universities has also enhanced the added value of the school.

– Practical application, solid internship opportunities: American education emphasizes pragmatism. During the school period, some courses will be taught in combination with industry projects. The school also encourages students to practice practical learning during their studies, and they can immediately integrate with the industry after graduation.

– A gathering place of humanities and multiculturalism: The United States has many world-renowned schools, which bring together top talents from different cultural backgrounds. In addition to cultural exchanges, students can also accumulate their own contacts and experience through these resources.

Cost of studying in the United States

  • Tuition: $25,000
  • Living expenses: $15,000
  • Accommodation: $11,000
  • Total: $51,000

Study in Canada

As one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada has a first-class education system. In recent years, Canada has gradually become a major study destination for international students!

Characteristics of studying in Canada

– The cost of studying abroad with high CP value: Compared with the United Kingdom and the United States, the cost of studying in Canada is lower, but it has the same educational quality as the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a high CP value study abroad destination country!

– Tolerant immigration policy: The Canadian government provides generous post-graduation work visas to international students in order to retain outstanding talents. In addition, if you work under the same employer for one year after graduation, you can apply for immigration. Compared with other countries, Canada has a more tolerant immigration policy.

– Best country in the world to live in: Canada tops the Best Countries in the World 2021 ranking, and also scores well in other rankings. Canada has first-class education quality and good public security, and is one of the first choice countries to study abroad!

Costs of studying in Canada

  • Tuition: CAD 18,000
  • Living expenses: CAD 12,000
  • Accommodation fee: CAD 15,000
  • Total: CAD 45,000

Study in Australia

Characteristics of studying in Australia

– High CP value for studying abroad, friendly immigration policy: Lower currency exchange rate and shorter study time make Australia a high CP value study abroad country. Like Canada, the Australian government also offers international student-friendly immigration policies.

– Rich and diverse course options: Australia has world-renowned universities and sound TAFE courses, and students can choose suitable courses according to their career plans.

Costs of studying in Australia

  • Tuition fee: AUD 32,000
  • Living expenses: AUD 7800
  • Accommodation: AUD 18,000
  • Total: $57,800

If you plan to study abroad, it is strongly recommended to choose from these 4 countries!