Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Obtaining restraining orders is the first step toward making your life safer for you and your children. In many cases, family issues become bigger and your close ones become your enemy.  If you have been harassed by your spouse, lover, or any other family member, you should consider opting for a restraining order in New Jersey. It not only makes your life much easier but also helps you live peacefully with your children at the same time. It is important to learn the steps involved in getting these orders. Some of them are elaborated below:

Get necessary forms

The first step in obtaining restraining orders is to get forms from the right department. You may consult your lawyer beforehand. You may not be required to hire an attorney if you want to get these forms. However, it is suggested to do so if you want to fill out an error-free form.  The clerk and assistant may help you in doing so if you don’t have a lawyer.

Give the details in the form but don’t sign it

After you have filled up a form, you must not sign it until you get it checked up by an attorney. In case, you have not hired him,  you must wait until a clerk or an assistant in the office comes over. If there is any mistake in giving the details or the form is incomplete, they will be able to pinpoint and help you make corrections. When filling out the form, you must ensure that you have given the complete details of the abuser, your children, his contact details, and others.

Serving the summons 

The abuser must be served on the summons. You might need to give the details of the abuser such as his personal details, residential address, contact details, and office address. In case, you don’t have these details, you will have to give the details such as physical characteristics including height, color, race, eye color, and others. He will also be notified about the court hearing.

Be present during the hearing

After you have filed a complaint, you will be given the time and date to appear in court. You must attend this hearing and the abuser may also attend it. It is suggested to contact a lawyer if you are a bit nervous about the hearing.

Restraining orders can help you live a peaceful life. You can also make a great difference in your kids’ lives as well.