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Step by Step Guide to Writing an Essay

An essay is not an easy task where every written word can determine the outcome of the grade. In this article, we will tell you how to write an essay step by step, as well as give the necessary information so that you can get the highest grade.

What you need to know before writing an essay

Getting acquainted with the assignments, you can see that in most cases, you will have to write “a detailed written statement with elements of reasoning (your opinion).” It sounds not entirely obvious, but don’t worry, you can get help with this. If you don’t understand what you need to write about, you may order an essay sample on the service called EssayShark. This sample will give you a clear understanding of what to include in your paper. If you want to learn more about the site, check out this review.

How to write an essay?

Paragraph #1: Introduction

The introduction highlights the main problem. The author, as it were, enters into a discussion with a party that adheres to the opposite opinion. Here it is desirable to keep within 2-3 sentences.

Action plan:

  • First sentence: general information and urgency of the problem
  • Second sentence: the first point of view
  • Third sentence: second point of view.

Paragraph #2: Personal opinion

Usually, in the requirements, you are asked to write 2-3 sentences in support of your opinion. We propose to dwell on only two and write them well. The simple phrase “I think that education for teenagers is necessary” will not give you the desired grade.

It may sound offensive, but the examiner is not really interested in your opinion. The main task of the student is to successfully write down all the points of the plan, so defend the position for which it will be easier to come up with evidence. Mind maps can help with this: on a draft, quickly write down the arguments for and against your position; it will be easier to collect your thoughts and write the essay itself.

Paragraph #3: Opposing opinion

In the third paragraph, your goal is to talk about the opposite point of view and come up with 1-2 proofs for it. At this stage, it’s worth counting how many words you’ve written. This is necessary to understand how many arguments you can include in this paragraph to meet the word limit. It is important to remember that every argument in the third paragraph you will need to refute in the fourth.

Paragraph #4: Counter-arguments

Here is the most insidious point of the essay outline. The essay is assigned to test your knowledge and writing skills. Here the student will not only have to present arguments against the point of view presented in the third paragraph but also to do so in an absolutely neutral way.

Paragraph #5: Conclusion

You are almost there. In the conclusion, you need to reiterate your opinion about the problem in the volume of 1-2 sentences. Here, as throughout the entire essay, it is important not to repeat the wording and use synonyms.

To sum up

These are the steps for writing a short essay. If you need to write a lengthy paper, check out the tips on how to write a 5 page essay. But remember that no matter how long your essay is, the most important thing is to keep its structure. Good luck!

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