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iPhone, a smartphone made by Apple, took 62% of Q1 global market share for devices costing over $400. Apart from communicating with your partners, photographing, iPhone also can be used as a remote control of your computer and then iPhone can do the things that your computer can. For example, you can remotely control your office computer from your iPhone if you want to complete your unfinish work documents when you are home.

AnyViewer: a brilliant remote desktop tool to control PC from iPhone

With remote desktop app, you can easily get remote access to iPhone from PC and operate the computer with phone’s touchscreen or any other external peripherals. Now, look at the reliable and free remote desktop software, AnyViewer. It’s our top pick out of the following 5 highlights.

  • High-standard encryption: The whole process of remote control PC from iPhone will be protected by ECC algorithm, which is simply stronger than RSA for key sizes in use today.
  • Fast and stable connection: Once set up AnyViewer on your computer and iPhone, you can
  • make an instant remote connection between the computer and the phone. Then, the connection can keep alive.
  • Ultra-simple setup: It is with intuitive interface and considerate menus; you can easily use it for remote access without to be an IT expert.
  • Powerful features: Apart from basic remote access, the remote desktop software is featured with many other functions, including power management, text chat, virtual mouse, image quality change and so on. 
  • Flexible control modes: It has two modes for you to control and operate the computer from your iPhone. You can choose Mouse Mode to use the cursor to control or choose Touch Mode to tap to control.

Steps to remotely control PC from iPhone with AnyViewer

Before start with it, check out whether the OS of your computer and iPhone can satisfy the requirement.

  • For iPhone: AnyViewer support iPhones that are running iOS version 10.0 and later.
  • For computer: AnyViewer support PCs that are running all editions of Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2.

If your phone and PC can meet the standards, download AnyViewer on the two devices and follow the steps to access computer from iPhone.

Part 1. Create an AnyViewer account and sign into it on both computer and iPhone.

Step 1. Fire up AnyViewer on both devices and make sure that the devices are connected to network well.

Step 2. Click Log in and Sign up on your computer to create an AnyViewer account for free. And sign in to the same account on your iPhone.


  • You can also create AnyViewer account on your iPhone or on AnyViewer official website.
  • Once you log in, the device will be assigned to the account automatically. You can access an assigned unattended device with 1-clcik from another assigned device.

Part 2. Access and control your computer from iPhone

Step 1. On your iPhone, after log into the AnyViewer account, you can see all devices that you have signed in and assigned to the account. Step 2. Locate the computer that you want to start access and control under My devices list; tap it and then you can click Remote control to fully

Then, you can see the desktop of your computer with your iPhone. You can switch between vertical screen and horizontal screen flexibly.


  • The remote desktop software isn’t only for remote access PC from iPhone, but also for remote access from PC to PC.
  • The above steps are for one-click secure unattended remote access PC from iPhone. If you are offering your customers remote support with your iPhone for once, you can send remote control to your customer and it’s not required to sign in to the same account on the other end.

Last but not least

It’s a nice idea to remotely control PC from iPhone for remote work or remote support when you are on a business trip or camping. To complete such task, the reliable remote desktop utility – AnyViewer, can be essential.

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