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Your dream came true, you already live in a beautiful house, with a large garden, you have everything ready inside your house, now you must worry about having to fix your garden, especially when there are children, you must start with the most important thing, select the correct materials for the first stage The Floor of your Backyard.

To prepare the floor you must know what type of floor you will need for your Backyard, the style you are going to create and how much money you have available to invest. Ponder your choice a lot, and ask a professional for help, there are a large number of models and styles to create a backyard games for your children, Spimbey gives you the best options, as they are games that come with a guarantee, they are safe and easy to assemble.

Your location

You have to answer some questions about the location of your house, if where do you live? Do you have the four seasons? If you live in places close to natural disasters such as fire or flood? So you can make the right decision, for example if you live in cold or humid places you can choose materials that resist, you can choose floors in:

Stone: they are very decorative, resistant to weather and traffic, and very respectful of the environment. It is ideal for durability and easy maintenance.

Textured cement:

They are pieces with various shades, they come lacquered, some give the appearance of having a wooden floor.

Non-slip tiles:

They are resistant, easy to clean, and do not need much maintenance.

If you live in warm places, you can prepare the soil for a beautiful garden

We recommend that where you locate the outdoor activities, you put aside a soft ground to cushion falls and prevent serious injuries to your children.

Your tastes

Your Garden should project harmony, reflect our style and our personality.

There are styles, modern, rustic.

The base

To have a firm and lasting backyard, you must verify that the entire base or foundation is in good condition, that there are no cracks, water leaks, etc. If you’re spending a lot of time with your kids at backyard games, you’ll want your floor to be sturdy.

Styles for your Backyard

The Japanese style

The ground will be surrounded by grass, paths, places where many rocks and fountains are essential.

Here your children can play classic games like ring toss, tic tac toe.

The minimalist style

It will have a white floor, tiles, marble, white furniture.

It is ideal for badminton games or putting together a giant Jenga.

The rustic style

It is the one that most decide for, as it is a romantic style and gives it a vintage air.

It gives you the option of having many plants, and you can locate furniture made of wood, rattan, iron.

Imagine a playset for your children, for example a picnic benches, or a playhouse. It gives the perfect touch.

Put a lot of love when decorating your garden, it will be the place where there will be a lot of fun, and it will be full of adventures. That your children will love.

In the style that you choose, do not forget the lighting, for when the night comes, and it gives you the well-deserved rest with your partner.


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