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SocialDice: 4 Winning Instagram Poll Ideas To Maximize Your EngagementSocialDice: 4 Winning Instagram Poll Ideas To Maximize Your Engagement

In recent years, Instagram has rolled out various new features. However, compared to many other features on Instagram, poll questions and stickers are taking a lead position in engaging with the audience. Every Instagram creator sees opportunities to boost fame, so polling is the best choice. Nearly 58% of Instagram viewers are more interested in answering poll questions. Furthermore, if you want to enhance organic popularity, you can opt to get free Instagram reels like a trial and increase your followers effortlessly. 

Let us learn deep down about the Instagram poll tactics in this article. Let’s get started!

What Is An Instagram Poll?

An Instagram poll feature helps to communicate with the audience effortlessly. The poll sticker is available on Instagram stories. Usually, the polls are created on a plain background, or sometimes it is designed with a picture background. Polls are mainly created to know the audience’s opinions or to get an idea. For example, you can post a poll regarding the concept of your next Instagram video. You can give two options to your viewers and proceed with the topic with the highest poll as your next video concept. 

Why Should Instagrammers Consider Instagram Polls?

Instagram polls act as a perfect option to gather information about users. Instagram polls increase your follower count. You can receive real-time feedback from the audience so that you can improvise on your videos smartly and quickly. Many marketers don’t have an idea of poll questions. As the digital landscapes are constantly changing, it is high time to learn and use polls on stories. If you want to amplify your online presence, then have a glance at SocialDice so that you get great ideas. 

4 Strategies Of Using A Poll Feature On Instagram

1. Educational Poll

You can create a quiz poll or tutorial poll. For instance, any brand can create a quiz poll based on their products. For example, you can ask, what is our brand’s latest oil product launched? Ask these categories of questions will remind the audience about your old products and promote your business. Similarly, if you are conducting any tutorial, have a poll with the banner of your topic and ask them yes or no. It will show how many of them are interested in your tutorial topic. You may also ask for true or false polls from your audience.  

2. Interest Poll

These polls help the audience to pick one style or another. The results will tell the interests of the audience. Professionally, you can navigate viewers to your websites with the swipe-up feature. If you need to maximize your visibility, try getting free Instagram reels views and establish your strong social media presence. 

3. Suspense Poll

You can create a suspense or excitement poll for your new product launch. People need not know about your product; you should ask questions indirectly. For example, you can ask,’ Do you want to see more on these categories? It will generate excitement about your following product. If you’re going to reach your profile organically, then try using SocialDice for better growth. 

4. Information Collection Poll

For instance, if brands are launching new products or improvising the old products, then they can take up a poll. If you plan to launch a new app based on Instagram, ask your followers, Where they spend the most time on Instagram? and give them options such as stories or feeds. The information will help you create engaging content. 


Polls will not go wrong if you research and analyze the questions correctly. Then, you can try it in your upcoming stories to know more about your audience. Polls help to leverage the reach for your stories in your account. Ensure all your polls depend on your marketing goals. We hope this article is useful. Read and give your comments below!

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