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Drug addiction treatment centers offer various programs, from group therapy sessions to individual counseling. Some facilities also include recreational activities such as sports, art classes, and music lessons.

While some rehab centers focus on helping patients recover from substance abuse, others support other mental health issues. 

So, once you enter a drug addiction treatment center, here are some therapeutic and recreational activities to look forward to.

1. Hiking

Hiking provides an excellent opportunity to exercise as you take in nature. It allows you to take in the new foliage of the season and relax through what nature offers. Drug addiction treatment centers use hiking to reiterate the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise. In addition, you will be in the company of your friends. So, carry water or a thermos of coffee or tea to add to the fun as you walk the trails. Some drug addiction centers liaise with local nature trails to accommodate their patients for such activities.

2. Reading and Writing

Reading is a known relaxation technique that facilitates learning. Drug addiction treatment centers recommend that patients find enjoyable and relaxing books to curl up on during their recovery. You can choose between summer and fall reading selections depending on the season.

Writing is another form of self-expression. It allows you to put your thoughts and feelings into words. This makes writing an avenue to express and release all your emotions.

3. Art

Through art, you can express your feelings and thoughts when verbalizing is difficult. In addition, drug addiction treatment centers use art to provide relaxation and release. You can engage in drawing, painting, sculpturing, pottery, and more.

4. Knitting

Knitting is a great hobby for patients interested in learning the skill. It is the perfect activity during fall because it allows you to craft socks, sweaters, and scarves for the season. You can enjoy making items for friends and staff at the drug addiction treatment center. In addition, you have fun trying out different knitting designs and color combinations. Knitting can become a source of income after recovery, where you knit unique items and sell them to friends or online stores like Etsy.

5. Sports

Drug addiction treatment centers integrate sports as a means to build teamwork. Most sports require you to join a team to play. The rehab sports team can enroll in different sporting activities and local leagues for adults. For instance, you can participate in a football team or local bowling league. This physical activity takes your mind off recovery and other mental issues related to drug addiction by keeping your mind occupied as you bond with teammates. The best part is that you don’t need prior experience to play any sport. Just be ready to explore new activities and make sporting your new favorite pastime and sober activity for connecting with peers.

6. Gym

Some drug addiction treatment centers allow patients to become physically active by joining a gym. If you are not a sports or outdoor activity person, then joining the gym is perfect for you. Rehab centers liaise with local gyms that provide a trial period before making a financial commitment. So if you are a beginner or want to experience gym activities, take advantage of such trial periods. Some people take the gym seriously, while others look for an avenue to work out leisurely and release some stress. Whether you are male or female or have different needs, there s a local gym provides what you need.

7. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are rewarding sober activities. They allow you to take time to relax every day and unwind as a means to reduce stress. Living in addiction is a traumatizing experience, so these activities allow you to take time for yourself as a way of getting proper trauma care. Incorporating these activities into your day pays off, whether you take five minutes or an hour.


Drug addiction treatment centers provide these fun activities to help you remain sober, enjoy your recovery in rehab and contribute positively to your life. In addition, these activities help you rediscover yourself as you take up new hobbies and learn new skills. Even after recovery, you can continue enjoying these activities outside the rehab with family and friends as you strive to lead a sober lifestyle.

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