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789Bet casinoSlot game 789Bet casino - A wonderful experience in gambling

Slot games are a form of betting that is highly appreciated by betting enthusiasts with many different big and small games. The game is relaxing and competitive, attractive to all players. Please refer to the information below with 789bet casino to learn more about this game and find yourself a place with us.

What is slot game?

Slot games are statistical games where you roll out for lucky numbers and get online rewards. This game type was originally developed with a gaming platform, such as a casino scrolling machine and a single button. Before developing into the online game system at 789bet casino, the game slot machine was also favored by many players.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, online slot games have become a very lively form of betting entertainment. Many types of slot game have been converted and developed online. As a result, it is attracting countless players to join every moment.

Online slot games are usually designed with many themes and each bookmaker has a unique interface and set of rules. 

When playing slot games at 789bet casino, players will buy coins to play and choose the number of coins for each bet. After that, when placing the order for how many rows in the game, the player who placed the correct order wins.

Players can choose to order a single row or multiple rows. The game is designed with HTML5 to ensures the loading content is light and smooth, which will help players to get the most transparent results.

The genre of game slot at 789bet casino

Currently, there are many reputable bookmakers that organize integrated slot games in many different contexts. These games will have diverse contents which belonging to many different lines, but in general, there will be some common genres:

Classic Slot Games: These games are designed and released in the early days with simple designs and easy-to-remember rules. It consists of only 3 reels and players just need to match a row to win.

Các danh mục trò chơi slot game

Video slot game: This is a new type of slot game that you can find in 789bet casino. This type of game has various scrolls and rows. Players can bet in multiple rows and have a chance of winning big prizes.

3D Slot game: This format is upgraded from 789bet casino’s video slot game with professional graphics and different animated effects.

Mobile slot game: This is the type developed to serve even more diverse players. It is integrated on mobile devices and uses extremely light technology to produce different unique effects. Any player can log into the game easily at anytime and anywhere. 

How to play slot games at 789Bet Casino

When participating in the slot game, players will observe different buttons and icons on the screen. First they need to learn the necessary terms to be able to play slot games at 789bet casino.

Terms of slot games at 789bet casino

Before learning how to play, players need to grasp the most common slot game terms.

Coins Value: This is the conversion rate between cash and coins for playing slot games at 789bet casino. Players can use coins value to adjust the amount played when placing bets in the game.

Các thuật ngữ cần biết khi chơi slot game

Bet: is the total amount a player will make for each spin in the bet. Bet calculation will take the payout and multiply it by the coins value.

Coins / Credit: This is the total number of coins that a player owns. They can convert money into coins in the 789bet casino system to get the betting capital.

Win: is the number of coins the player wins after each spin. The 789bet casino will assist the player to convert these winnings into cash.

Max Bet: Player will proceed with the maximum amount in each spin.

Autoplay: This is a function to assist players when they are busy. All they have to do is letting the system automatically rotate.

Bonus game: this is an extra reward from 789bet casino for the player who has won. This bonus is diversified whereas it can be doubling the bonus or getting a new spin … These rewards will vary depending on each game type to bring optimal benefits for players.

Free Spin: is a free round made for players. In this round, you won’t need to worry about losing coins when rolling. And, as a result, players can still receive bonuses from this spin if they win. The bonus will be automatically added to the player’s account.

Multiplier: grant multiplier money to explode. The multiplied number could be from 3 to 6 for each circumstance. This is an opportunity for players to receive great prizes and redeem bonuses.

Jackpot: this is a cumulative prize of 789bet casino where players will receive a cumulative prize until luck spins and win. Depending on the type of jackpot, players will be able to receive big or small bonuses at different levels.

Lastly, on the main screen, everyone can observe different terms depending on the rhythm of the game at that time. Zowin Players should have a good understanding of these terms in order to make their own choices.

Rule of slot games at 789bet casino

The rules of playing slot games are actually very simple because each series has the same rules and players can refer to the basic operations as below.

  • Firstly, players will need to choose to place their money on each spin.
  • The amount of coins for each spin can be divided equally or multiplied by the number of payout rows according to different rules of 789bet casino.
  • The player will bet according to the specified min and max amount set at that round.
  • When the prize is drawn, the player must consider the result. If the same payment item is matched, he/she will receive the bonus according to the total number of paid items.
  • In addition, players can choose the automatic function if they are not free to play. But please pay attention to the remaining money when betting.
  • Once the bet is won, the stake will be added to the player’s account.

How to play slot games to win big bonus Jackpot at 789bet casino

Once you have grasped the important knowledge for playing slot games, you should know more about the experiences and strategies to participate in the game and get the greatest rewards.

Choose the right game slot for yourself at 789bet casino

To be able to win the jackpot with great rewards, players need to choose the right game and the time to promote their strengths.

It is also possible to choose the games that many people participate in, because the odds of winning are guaranteed. Or player can choose the games where no one has been able to win the jackpot yet, so the chances of a player winning a big jackpot are very high.

Choose the right opportunity for you and use the highest stakes to ensure your chances of winning great prizes at 789bet casino.

Bets on low money but in multiple rows

Slot games are entertaining for sure. Players not only have to have strategies, but also have to see how their own temperament is. To ensure safety, players should split the stake and divide it equally into each pay line. Mẹo chơi slot game thắng jackpot thưởng lớn

If they can follow that, the odds of losing will be reduced and even if they lose, they will not lose all off their money and many wins later will be enough to cover the loss. This way of betting is also an opportunity for players to observe and learn more from other players.

Take advantage of special features

Each slot game will have their special features and players should learn carefully to make full use of these advantages to increase the chance of winning as well as ensuring time for each game.

Research carefully to be able to take advantage of special features at the right time, creating your own chances of winning when playing slot games.

Do not overuse automatic or default mode of 789bet casino

When first enter the slot game, players need to pay attention and adjust the mode and function. Choose the proper set up according to your own situation, do not choose to go to the default mode because at that time, your skill of playing is not professional and there is a high possibility of losing all your money.

Moreover, the automatic mode, although able to support the player, is not almighty. Players need to have the opportunity to play by themselves and make sure to push the button at the right time, and keep enough bets to play.


Slot games are always fascinating and bring many players big fortune. However, to master the game, do not hesitate to play at 789bet casino and experience the game by yourself.