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One of a handful of the guns that has been obvious by its nonattendance in the broad SIG SAUER setup is a .22LR gun (SIG would likely would rather that you cleanse the GSG-made Mosquito from your memory bank). So when the choice was made to add a new rimfire self-loader handgun, SIG settled on the no doubt sensible choice to developed it starting from the earliest stage the P320 general diagram.

Not at all like the long lost Mosquito, this new minimized size gun is certainly not a reevaluated item. The P322 has a treated steel outline, aluminum slide, and is planned and produced by SIG here in the US. Indeed, even the magazines are US-made.

In contrast to the P320 (honestly, the P322 seems as though a P320, however is a totally new plan), the encased mallet SAO P322 is anything but a particular plan. The fire control bunch isn’t client removable like the P320’s, ready to be utilized in various hold outlines. Yet, it’s clear from examining the weapon’s specs that SIG’s architects took extraordinary measures to give the minimal estimated P322 practically every element the present firearm purchaser needs in an advanced .22 self-loader.

That beginnings with the gun’s great limit – you can pack 20 rounds in the P322’s standard magazines and 25 in a lengthy mag which is because of hit stores in the second from last quarter.

Optics-prepared? That’s right. Able to use both hands controls? Check. A strung barrel connector to mount silencers? Uh huh. Flexible fiber optic back sight? For sure. Both level and bended trigger shoes? Indeed.

Perhaps the most amazing element of the full-highlighted P322, however, is its cost. SIG says the new rimfire gun will retail for somewhere close to $399 and $449.

I had a chance for some quality shoot-and-see time with the P322 half a month prior. I shot it with irons, with a red speck, both stifled and un-smothered. I presumably put in excess of 1,000 rounds through it.

The main thing I didn’t get to do was attempt it with an assortment of ammunition (we siphoned instances of CCI Mini Mags through the P322s we had). The SIG people let us know they’ve shot it including Thunderbolts to Tenex and the P322 cycles everything.

Our test gun just showed up over the course of the end of the week, so we will check that case prior to distributing our audit. Meanwhile, taking everything into account, up until this point, the P322 is an exceptionally flexible, very alluring rimfire gun that will certainly stand out enough to be noticed from weapon purchasers.

Meanwhile, here’s SIG’s official statement reporting the new rimfire P322 . . .

SIG SAUER is satisfied to authoritatively report the P322, the all-new, U.S. planned and produced 22 rimfire gun. The P322 offers an exceptional 21 round limit, is optics prepared and silencer prepared right out of the crate, all at a reasonable cost

“Whenever SIG SAUER enters another item class, we do this is on the grounds that we bring invigorating development to the table for the purchaser – the P322 joins inventiveness, quality, and an incentive for a tomfoolery, minimal expense plinking experience,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc

“The 20+1 round limit is an industry chief among smaller 22 guns, and that implies less time stacking and more tomfoolery shooting on the reach. The P322 treated steel casing and polymer grasp was ergonomically intended for solace to fit all hand estimates and is totally able to use both hands. Another shooter-centered highlight is a secluded trigger that permits the P322 to be designed with a level or bended trigger shoe. This main scratches the surfaces of development that we have stuffed into the P322 and is only a couple of the 21 motivations to adore the P322.”

The SIG SAUER P322 is a .22 rimfire gun with class-driving 21 round limit that offers a minimal expense shooting experience in an ergonomic plan with unquestionably simple takedown for dismantling. It includes a tempered steel outline and a polymer hold with a 1913 rail and coordinated magwell.

The SAO hammer-discharged activity on the P322 is totally encased and the gun includes a combination slide that is optic prepared and viable with the new ROMEOZero Elite. The high perceivability fiber-optic front sight and the completely movable fiber-optic back presents a fresh, simple to see sight picture, while the front and back positioning serrations guarantee easy slide control.

The P322 is silencer prepared and incorporates a strung barrel connector, as well as a level and bended exchangeable trigger shoe. The P322 includes completely able to use both hands controls including manual wellbeing and reversible magazine get that make it ideal for both right and left-gave shooters.

The gun ships with (2) 20-round magazines and a specially crafted magazine loader (expanded 25-round magazines accessible as embellishment buy). The P322 gun is enhanced for use with the SIG SAUER SRD22X Suppressor, FOXTROT1X light, and ROMEOZero Elite Micro Red-Dot sight.

P322 Specs:
Type: .22LR
Limit: 20+1 (25-round magazines accessible as frill buy)
Generally speaking length: 7 inches
Generally speaking tallness: 5.5 Inches
Generally speaking width: 1.4 inches
Barrel length: 4 inches
Sight Radius: 6 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 17.1 oz.

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