Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

It’s that season when tricks have all the earmarks of being on the ascent.

As a rule seniors are designated. We conversed with limited who needed to caution others, don’t get tricked!

84-year-old Ray Daughtery of Ozark got defrauded for the current week.

He saw an anecdote about getting unclaimed cash from the State Treasure’s Office.

He says he attempted to go to the express fortune’s office site yet wound up on another site.

He called the 1-800-number of that site. She said he needed to pay a charge to handle his case. So he gave his Mastercard number to them. KOLR 10 news called the 1-800-number and talked with a lady who guaranteed they were a real situation and were supported by the Better Business Bureau.

We figured out the BBB doesn’t certify them.

“She asked my location is and they knew my significant other’s name and three of my little girls so I thought well perhaps this thing is genuine,” Daughtery said. “And afterward she endlessly talked lastly she said it will be $34.95 in the event that you believe us should seek after this.

The State Treasurer’s Office says 1/10 Missourians have unclaimed property and the normal return is about $300.

For those still curious about whether they have unclaimed assets the workplace says you can look through the case online at

They additionally caution the Treasure’s Office doesn’t charge to return unclaimed property.

Daughtery said his Mastercard organization will disprove the charge for him.

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