Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Shooting Stars Episodes

Shooting Stars Episodes 5-6

Rumors are the theme for this week. We’re curious about how many lies we believe to be accurate and how many false rumors are confirmed when we see misquoted conversations from celebrities appearing in tabloids. We wonder if some of our characters believe denials are just a river in Egypt or a defense mechanism to protect themselves. Pi Fansub is airing this drama for free. You can watch and enjoy all the episodes in HD quality, and pifansub is delivering this drama with Portuguese subtitles.


Han-byeol & Soo-hyuk are interrupted by jealous Tae-sung, who threatens her with a paycheck deduction if she does not come to his drama shoot in his famous whisper pose. I want to smash him upside the head.

He isn’t only a talented actor at driving people insane. Jae-Hyun’s hairstyle interrupts the continuity of a scene, and Yoo-sung is stressed out. Dae-soo is also doing it at the hands of JIN YOONA ( Lee Siwoo), who insists on wearing a particular outfit for shooting, even though it disrupts the continuity. His pleas for her to reconsider her decision are futile. I wonder if Yooo-Naya is allowed to do this. Lol.

Han-byeol, on the other hand, is never at rest. While Tae-sung expects him to focus on his performance, he has her on her phone or laptop. He eventually tells her to go, and she does so, unaware of his obvious disappointment.

Soo-hyuk was still working that evening thinking about Han-byeol when he received a call from her regarding work matters. He’ll work overtime to be with his wife, even though he works until 6 pm. Or should I say, spend more time smiling at her? He tells Han-byeol that he can be reached for any work matter outside of work hours at a later meeting. This raises eyebrows among the rest. Tae-sung honey, you have some serious competition!

Finally, Da-Hye is the Shooting Stars’ most successful fangirl. She gets her first scene with “Tae sung Oppa ” and can remain professional thanks to Yoosung’s presence. This calms her nerves and serves to remind Tae-sung of Han-byeol’s absence.

Tae-sung is rumored to have shaved his hair because of his smelly hair. Unfortunately, we don’t get a shampoo PPL. Jung-yeol smells his hair and gives him progress reports about a secret mission that seems to have Bo-in involved. He appears to be conducting a popularity survey between Yoo-sung & Soo-hyuk. Aha! Soo-hyuk is rising in the polls and has just moved next to Tae-sung.

Han-byeol gave a lecture to her university as a favor to her professor. She was reminded of rumors that she was with Tae-sung back in the day. Their famous throwback photo was taken for a university brochure, and people assumed they were in a relationship.

Han-byeol denied it to the professor again, citing the pain and suffering that the rumors caused. The professor reveals that Tae-sung had paid for the destruction of the brochures and pledged to sacrifice himself for future brochures, even though he knew how badly the rumors affected his daughter. Awwww.

Han-byeol tells the story to Ki-bbeum – without revealing the identity of the male lead. Ki-bbeum suggests that the guy may have liked her, but Han-byeol quickly shuts down this thought. Is it too much to deny?

Ki-bbeum smiles at a text message from an actor (cameo by Chaejong-hyeop). She exchanged numbers after each interview, but it turns out that he texts all reporters who interview him. Pfffft.

Han-byeol, however, belatedly thanked Tae-sung for helping her with the brochure. Even though he pretends it’s not a big deal, it’s clear that he is happy about it.

Tae-sung gives Han-byeol some interview questions through Jung-yeol. She says she knows Han-byeol best and can answer the questions for him. I luff him! Jung-yeol has been happily texting the group with updates after our TaeByeol shippers recruited her.

Han-byeol asks Tae-sung about his most memorable moment. When he lists a few, Tae-sung remarks that she was part of all of those moments, he tells her to stay put and then falls asleep on her shoulder. She then pushes her head away and walks off, clearly feeling affected.

Soo-hyuk says hello to Han-byeol while at work. He tells her that he just moved next to Tae-sung and suggests hosting a housewarming party at the PR team’s place. She also notes that they have been bumping into each other lately.

Jung-yeol believes he is doing something wrong after being dropped off at his home by Tae-sung. Jung-yeol smiles at Tae-sung, who wants him to stay in bed. Awww. He is so adorable!

Tae-sung then takes the most awkward elevator ride along with Soo-hyuk, his new neighbor. Tae-sung tells Soo-hyuk that he’s near Han-byeol, and they are best friends. Tae-sung gives him the death glare when Soo-hyuk mentions he was with Han’byeol “up to now.”

Han-byeol wants romance in her life. Ho-young asks her if she has ever felt a connection with someone, and Han-byeol thinks back to the scene with Tae-sung. Han-byeol claims that she has never felt such heartfelt feelings for anyone, and then she drinks beer to drown her disbelief.

Tae-sung is still going over his script, where the characters start to date after having been with each other “up to now.” He then remembers Soohyuk’s statement from the elevator, getting upset. Lol. He throws away the script and goes to bed.

Netizens notice Tae-sung’s blurry reflection on a stainless bowl in a photo uploaded by Da-Hye while eating with their staff. 

This is giving off the Victoria spoon scandal vibes of Changmin!

Han-byeol contacts Tae-sung to verify that the picture is not a dating rumor. Jung-yeol didn’t hear the conversation, but Tae-sung’s body language suggests they quarreled. It’s a relief to hear that the stories are true, and when Tae-sung seems happy, she clarifies that she is relieved that the PR team doesn’t need to lie.

Shi-deck must lose his accent and change his name to make his debut. Ho-young, however, takes Shi-deok to the location to see the filming location. They discover that the production requires an urgent replacement actor for an actor who speaks Gyeongsangdo. Fortunately, Shi-deok can do so.

The director asks him for his name. He responds, “Kang …” and quickly thinks that Yoo-sung is standing just a few steps away. Kang Shi-deok has now become Kang Yoo-sung.

Tae-sung was asked about his ideal type during an interview for their upcoming drama. 

Tae-sung says that he is comfortable with someone like a friend, and the TaeByeol shippers immediately turn to Han-byeol. Da-Hye grins beside him. Tae-sung has already confessed to her, hasn’t he?

Soo-hyuk mentions that he is throwing a housewarming party for StarForce’s PR team and his office manager ( Young-min). He then asks if he likes Hanbyeol. He says he does, and that’s okay—the official start of the love triangle.

Jung-yeol is driving when he gets a call. Tae-sung is shocked to learn that his manager has a girlfriend. Yes! This makes Tae-sung think about Han-byeol and drives him insane.

Ki-bbeum and her fellow reporter/ex-boyfriend (cameo by Oh Eui-Shik) stake out an actress and her boyfriend, and afterward, they get into an argument over who gets to break the exclusive first. They are defeated by the actress, who posts the information on her SNS right at the end of their argument. Is there a difference between stalkers and reporters?

Tae-sung tells Ji-hoon that his TV has stopped working, and he comes to watch the first episode of his drama with Ji-hoon, the PR trio. Han-byeol remains silent while the others react to the theater. Tae-sung longs to hear what she says, but he doesn’t get it. He then asks her what she thinks about the drama. She says that his character is astounding. He asks her what she thinks of him, and she remains silent.

Tae-sung’s consistency is a hallmark. He doesn’t seem to be looking for ways to upset Han-byeol, but he does not forget his ideal type, which has always been Hanbyeol. In the past, he confirmed a relationship rumor between himself and actress YEO HAWJIN (cameo by Moon G-young, as her character in Your Memory), which ended all hopes of Han-byeol. Now, I see why she set a clear boundary — she is protecting her heart.

Taesung is mad about Han-byeol. How is a girl supposed to know that you love her if she doesn’t tell you? Han-byeol will be the first to hear Soo-hyuk’s confessions, I think. Perhaps that is the wake-up call Soo-hyuk needs to take action on his feelings.

Another piece of news: I am curious about the divorced actress, her relationship with Tae-sung and what Yoosung has to do with it all. Who is this Yoosung guy anyway? Why does he emit this suspicious and secretive vibe?

This mystery will be solved soon, I hope. I am content to accept the plot and the humor of the drama for now. Shooting Stars is full of laugh-out-loud moments. Maybe that’s enough drama.