Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Perhaps this is on the grounds that my reality has been generally restricted to the four dividers of my home these previous few months. Perhaps this is on the grounds that less human collaboration is making me peculiar (er, more odd). In any case, cutting straight to the chase, I think my odd conduct is all the consequence of Shark’s VACMOP. I’ve never been one to anticipate cleaning. Anything. Ever. Also, presently, I’m energetically enlightening companions regarding how this mix hardwood-floor mop and vacuum gets everything from creature wafer morsels to wiry canine hair, saving me from the multi-step interaction of clearing, wiping and vacuuming.

Truly. You needn’t bother with a 1,000-word exposition waxing beautiful about a vacuum-mop half and half, so I’ll separate it into the fast and (not really) messy advantages and disadvantages:


It’s Cordless and Has a Magnetic Charger. I’m done stumbling over lines (or inadvertently unplugging the machine when I vacuum the furthest corners of a room). Furthermore, the attractive charger implies you’re not bumbling to connect it.

The Swivel Head Fits in Tight Corners. It effectively coasts between seat legs and around off-kilter corners of the room.

It Fixes the Biggest Issue I’ve Had with My Swiffer. Try not to misunderstand me—I love the simplicity of a Swiffer—yet I’ve generally despised how free soil and pet hair will in general get pushed around similarly however much they’re gotten (in any event, when I utilize the hard core cushions planned for pet proprietors). The vacuum include sucks up residue and earth effectively, however it can likewise get bigger garbage, similar to pieces of paper and morsels, without an issue.

It Weighs Less Than 5 Pounds. I wouldn’t fret pulling it from one space to another as I clean. (Also, it occupies as much storeroom room as a brush.)

It Has LED Headlights. Extraordinary in case you’re vacuuming dim corners, I surmise, yet for the most part, it simply makes me laugh hysterically to utilize this component.

It May Take Some Effort, yet I Haven’t Met a Mess It Can’t Tackle. Three days of canine hair! A glommed-on fruit purée spill! Solidified pieces of Play-Doh! There’s a shower include on the VACMOP that releases dried spills and scrapes. In the wake of showering, it took a couple of swipes to and fro to dispose of—ahem—pastel imprints on tile, yet and still, after all that, it took care of business. Also, I didn’t need to get on all fours to thoroughly clean it.


It’s Intended for Hard Floors Only. How I wish I could run the vacuum over my rug too! Despite the fact that, truth be told, I’m sluggish enough that I’d run it over everything in my home—interminably shedding canine included—in the event that it saved me an additional progression of cleanup.

It’s a Bigger Investment Than a Swiffer. At $99 (or $89, as it’s at present recorded on Amazon), it’s pricier than a $15 Swiffer or $50 Sweep + Vac. Also, definitely in excess of a conventional mop and brush, when you factor in the expense of persistently purchasing multi-reason or hardwood cleaner and the expendable top off cushions. In any case, you do receive more in return, so that—joined with how long it saves me—makes it worth the interest to me.

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