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I’m going to disclose to you a genuine story.

On the off chance that you trust me, you’ll be all around remunerated. On the off chance that you don’t really accept that me, it’ll merit your time and energy to alter your perspective.

Allow me to clarify…

Imprint is a pal of mine who has an eye for quality items. At some point, he called me amped up for this generally secret brand of shades called Shady Rays.

I disclosed to him I previously had a lot of shades and didn’t require another pair.

(Truly, I was somewhat incredulous. He appeared to be too darn amped up for these shades.)

However, he continued asking me to get them. He disclosed to me they had a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee and substitutions whenever lost or broken. Furthermore, they had an unconditional promise in any case, which implied there was no danger for me.

Along these lines, I pulled the trigger and requested.

I wound up getting the ones you find in the photograph above, called “Infrared Ice”. Clearly, it’s probably the success and it has huge loads of positive surveys.

They showed up a day sooner than anticipated and, man, when I put those shades on…

I Was Blown Away…

Presently, before we begin… I know there are a great deal of online “audits” where individuals simply talk about the item and pitch it while never utilizing it to get a subsidiary commission. That is the reason I’m including a photograph of my real receipt from Shady Rays when I requested the pair of shades you see above.

I needed to ensure I demonstrate to you that I ACTUALLY purchased the shades and I ACTUALLY wear them. I figure proof trumps all the other things. :- )

My receipt from Shady Rays – I needed to demonstrate in this Shady Rays audit that I really purchased and investigated the Shady Rays shades

My genuine receipt from Shady Rays, demonstrating I really purchased the shades. :- )

Back to this Shady Rays audit…

I can’t really accept that I spent most of my existence without these shades.

I’ve had everything from modest Walmart shades to costly Ray-Bans and Oakleys.

I can’t check how much cash I’ve flushed down the channel because of lost or harmed shades… and this organization here offers free substitution sets. I could’ve set aside such a lot of money.

This implies if my cumbersome self drops them in a parking area some place… or sits on them when I get in my truck… I’ll be a great idea to go!

Also, I could tell immediately that these shades were great.

They have a tough edge and sturdy metal pivots. They’re additionally break safe, which is pleasant.

They don’t take an over the top beating from my bustling way of life. I’ve been wearing them on climbs in and out of town, throwing them around, and not being cautious with them to perceive how they handle the pressing factor. Fortunately I haven’t bowed or broken them yet (which is stunning on the grounds that I as a rule obliterate shades).

Thus, don’t be tricked by their delicate appearance – these glasses hold up shockingly well.

Also, they’re spellbound. A many individuals don’t verify whether their shades are spellbound, however it’s an absolute necessity have in case you’re not kidding about your vision.


Since energized shades sift through the sun’s glare.

Have you at any point been driving as it were, battling to see on the grounds that the sun was directly in your eyes? I disdain that. Captivated shades totally tackle that issue.

Since your eyes are continually tested by glare, it’s simpler to see in splendid conditions.

That as well as on the off chance that you go drifting or fishing, captivated focal points make it simpler to find in the water. Since without captivated focal points, the water’s surface just reflects everything around it, which darkens your view. At the point when you slide a couple of spellbound Shady Rays on, you’ll have the option to see the substance of the water unmistakably.

I love enraptured focal points. In any case, most organizations charge at any rate an extra $50 to $150 for enraptured focal points. I got my pair of Shady Rays for just $5.

At any rate, the shades are great as is the organization in light of the fact that…

Another pair of Shady Rays shades I needed to remember for my Shady Rays survey

The “Rose Golden Hour” shades – another famous pair.

Each Order Provides 10 Meals To Fight Hunger In The United States…

All Shady Rays clients make them thing in like manner: they empower Feeding America to supply truly necessary food to individuals who in any case would’ve gone hungry.

That is on the grounds that Shady Rays gives ten suppers to Feeding America each time a client puts in a request.

Offering back has consistently been a concentration for the organization, particularly in the United States, since they needed their gifts to remain here at home.

Their central goal to battle hunger in America has prompted over 3.6 million suppers gave to date.


Obscure Rays gives ten suppers to battle hunger per request, which is a significant piece of my Shady Rays audit

Obscure Rays gives ten dinners to battle hunger per request.

They Offer Free Shipping And Returns

Obscure Rays offers 4-6 work day dispatching free of charge.

On the off chance that you need to get your shades quicker, they offer a $7 choice for 2-4 work day transporting.

I for one got the free standard delivery (I’m modest) and my request showed up in three work days.

In addition, the entirety of their shades (aside from the remedy ones) incorporate totally free returns. That implies free transportation the two different ways and a full money discount once they get your shades back.

You have an entire 30-days to give them a shot and send them back in the event that they don’t work for you. You should simply send them an email at [email protected].

Discussing solution focal points…

They Have Prescription Sunglasses Too!

In case you’re searching for medicine conceals for a portion of what your eye specialist would charge (normally many dollars), at that point look no further.

I needn’t bother with solution shades, so I can’t address their quality (or scarcity in that department) so I’ve chosen to incorporate a few audits from their site all things considered. Here they are…

Obscure Rays audits.

Audits from individuals who bought their solution shades. :- )

Also, There’s A Lifetime Warranty

This is perhaps the best guarantee I’ve at any point seen for shades.

On the off chance that your shades at any point have an issue that is their flaw, (for example, an assembling imperfection or a difficult that shouldn’t happen with ordinary use), they’ll supplant your pair at positively no expense to you… forever.

There are no restrictions with respect to how often a couple can be supplanted under their guarantee since they need to make any craftsmanship issue right.

I’ve never objected to them (neither has my companion) yet it’s ideal to realize they’re willing to deal with it on the off chance that anything occurs.

Admission: I’ve Been Buying A Lot…

I like Shady Rays such a lot of that I’ve been purchasing a few unique sets for myself, companions, and family. How about we simply say we are set for shades for a long while.

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