Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Vaporizers from manufacturers like Storz and Bickel have become increasingly popular over the years, especially when they are much better for you than smoking. They have also changed the way that some people smoke cannabis or weed. Vaping weed is a reliable way to have a good experience whether you are doing it for recreational or medicinal reasons. There are things to know that can enhance that experience whether you are experienced at vaping herb or a beginner. It is great to get the effects into your body the quickest way so you can feel it in the shortest amount of time. Here are helpful tips.

Use a fresh high-quality herb

It is important to use the best quality herb you can when you choose to use a weed vaporizer. With vaping the process takes the moisture in the herb and heats it to create the vapour. Fresh and better quality herb has a better content of moisture than older and stale weed. You do not want something super wet, but you also do not want something that is very dry.

There is the right way to grind weed

It is important to grind the herb properly as getting an increased surface area then lets the heat permeate the weed better which creates a thicker vapour. You can use a manual or electric grinder, just don’t skip grinding the weed.

Do it at the right temperature

Vaping weed should happen at a temperature between 180 to 210 degrees Celsius. The cannabinoids in the weed vaporize in a different way depending on the temperature and 180 to 210 is the sweet spot. Just heat it evenly.

It should be tightly packed

Whether you are using a Storz and Bickel vaporizer or some other type you need to make sure you pack it tightly with the herb you are using. Just not so tightly that the vapour can then not come out. If the flow is affected then you will not have as good an experience. Choosing a small vape will mean you can have less weed in there, and that will mean you will have to re-fill the chamber more frequently.

The vaporizer should be preheated

You should always give it time to warm up before you put the weed in. You can start the preheating while grinding and preparing the herb. It should only take a few minutes.

Do a slow inhale

You should not be doing a fast inhale with the vape. Take it slow as you light it. Too quick can lead to bits of weed being lodged in places you don’t want them. Long slow drags are best for your experience and for the vaporizer.

Look after your weed vaporizer

It is important to look after the vaporizer so you get the best experience using it. That means keeping it clean by following the instructions you get with it, and properly maintaining it. It will extend its lifespan and ensure you get the most for your investment.