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The OTT Release Date for the Sesham Mike-Il Fathima Movie is: Despite the fact that she started the film profession as the daughter of one of the most famous directors of all time, Priyadarshan, Kalyani Priyadarshan had established a distinct persona for herself as an actor. She has been active in the cinema industry of several different countries, including Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Her most recent movie is called “Sesham Mike-Il Fathima,” and the title announcement video was uploaded to the official YouTube page for Think Music India.

The OTT release date for the Sesham Mike-Il Fathima movie


As per sources, The movie Sesham Mike-Il Fathima has recently begun filming, and the director of this movie has confirmed that the movie will be a wonderful ride. However, the makers of this movie have not yet released the narrative or main point of the movie. Once we obtain any new information that may be pertinent from the cast and crew, we will update the plot of the movie.

Cast and Staff

The principal part in the next Sesham Mike-Il Fathima movie will be played by Kalyani Priyadarshan; however, the rest of the cast has not yet been revealed. The screenplay for the film was written by Manu C. Kumar, who also directed it, while Sudhan Sundaram and Jagadish Palanisamy produced it under the aegis of The Route and Passion Studios. Hesham Abdul Wahab is responsible for composing the score for this motion picture, while Santhana Krishnan was the cinematographer for this project.

When the Sesham Mike-Il Fathima movie will be available on streaming services, as well as its digital and satellite rights?

Already this year, Kalyani Priyadarshan has had three films released under her name (Hridayam, Bro Daddy, Thallumaala). Only in the year 2023 can we anticipate seeing the premiere of this brand-new movie, titled Sesham Mike-Il Fathima. We may look forward to its arrival then.

The title of the film is Sesham Mike-Il Fathima.

Netflix’s Over-the-Top Platform

Date of OTT Release To Be Announced

January 2022 is the scheduled month for the theatre release (Tentative)

Director Manu C Kumar

Starring Kalyani Priyadarshan

Language Malayalam

The Motion Picture Industry of Mollywood

Movie Streaming Service Provided by Sesham Mike-Il Fathima (Digital Rights)

Kalyani Priyadarshan is making her mark in different languages. She has already worked on three films in both the Tamil and Telugu cinema industries. Her debut film, ‘Hridayam,’ which was released in 2022, was a commercial success and garnered her positive reviews for her performance. Due to the fact that she is playing the lead role in Sesham Mike-Il Fathima, Kalyani will have the opportunity to demonstrate her acting abilities. Netflix has purchased the digital rights to the film, but the film’s satellite rights have not yet been revealed as they have just just started production.

The OTT release date for the Sesham Mike-Il Fathima movie

This movie has an unusual-sounding title due to the fact that it contains the names of three separate people who are associated with three distinct religions. We can anticipate that the tale will focus on three significant individuals and their journey, given that the director has stated that the movie would be a “fun ride.” The filming of the movie began on September 11, but the production crew has not yet decided whether the finished product will be shown in traditional theatres or will have a direct digital debut instead. The creators have not yet officially confirmed either the OTT release date or the theatrical release date for the film.

January 2022 is the month that the film will debut in theatres (Tentative)

Netflix in the Case of Digital Rights

Release Date for OTT: To Be Announced

Rights to Satellite: To Be Determined

Date of Satellite Release: To Be Announced