Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The enhancement of AI development has reached a level nobody could ever expect. Now, AI products can write text and provide images to deliver a comprehensive and precise targeted answer. This has made creative professionals worry about their careers as “smart” algorithms could replace them at the company. There are two viewpoints on this matter, and Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner at Roosh and Reface investor, shared the benefits of using AI by qualified professionals.

The first request about creating an AI product was about automatizing routine tasks to simplify the company’s workflow. But nobody could imagine it would make progress in the neck-breaking speed. So, people got scared of losing their company positions by being replaced by AI. But Sergey Tokarev introduces another side of this matter. The investor emphasizes that people should learn to create precise prompts to receive full-edged work.

“Right now, you can open GPT-4, ask it to create a prompt for Midjourney, provide the chat with the technical specifications of the latest Midjourney model and examples of other people’s prompts, and ask it to generate the correct detailed query,” says Tokarev. “Try it, the result will be much more awesome than setting the prompt all by yourself. Your images will become photorealistic.”

Sergey Tokarev underlies that creative professionals should take the challenge and learn how to use AI effectively. This will save their career and reinforce their role in the company’s success.

Along with this, the investor specifies areas where AI can be handy and improve things.


AI algorithm does a great job in searching information. It is not a plain search but a thorough review and analysis of different targeted objects. The quality of the result depends on how well the prompt was requested.


It is pretty difficult to catch up with the flow of how the informational world is expanding and adding new industry-related data. A simple human cannot store all the information in their head. But AI can do it and process it faster. That is why algorithms are good at assisting daily routines.


When it comes to learning foreign languages or other fields, a personalized approach has become a big demand from students. AI can adapt to student’s habits and preferences and offer a custom approach to introducing the material.


Quick support is a good thing to provide, and AI is effective here. Sergey Tokarev says an algorithm can cope with a flow of many questions much faster than a single person. It can also provide answers by voice, so soon, it will be impossible to differentiate whether you are talking to a person or one created by AI.


This area is challenging because lawyers deal with many legal documents, all specific in every country. That is why law professionals are worried about the emergence of advanced AI products. They can process even the most complicated requests faster than humans.

Yet, there are a few points that might hinder the AI revolution. It concerns the matter of responsibility for AI. However, the Roosh cofounder adheres to the key message he noted.

“Embracing changes is perhaps the most important task for your career right now,” says Sergey Tokarev.

By Richard Maxwell

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