Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Send Money to Ghana from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, & Switzerland and WIN an iPhone 13 128GB and Airtime Top-up.

Are you tired of trying your luck as an expatriate in lucky draws that only give one prize? Maybe it’s not luck that is running out but the events that offer only one grand prize. ACE Money Transfer, along with AZA Finance, has brought you a chance to win not just one but FOUR iPhone 13 128GB for FOUR lucky winners. Just send money to Ghana, and you will have the opportunity to become one of the four lucky winners. 

Offer of a Lifetime with ACE and AZA Finance

Remitters from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, this is your chance to win a free iPhone 13 (128GB) and a free airtime top-up for your loved ones in Ghana. Most companies give away one prize in lucky draws, which are extremely hard to enter. With this collaborative effort of ACE and AZA Finance, four lucky winners have a chance to win an iPhone 13 (128GB), while their loved ones get a free airtime top-up in Ghana. This promotion is valid from September 1st, 2022, till September 30th, 2022.

What Role Do You Have to Play to Become a Part of This Offer?

Many businesses adhere to unspoken norms and restrictions when it comes to delivering prizes and holding lucky draws. Participants may be unaware of these regulations and, as a result, lose interest in participating in additional activities. With ACE Money Transfer, this is not the case! ACE cherishes its clients by placing them first in all aspects of its operations. Entering this incredible lucky draw won’t take a fortune for expatriates living in the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Switzerland. Follow these simple steps to clear your path towards glory:

  1. Make money transfer to Ghana from the ACE wallet
  2. Receive through AZA Finance wallet
  3. Complete your paid transactions

And you are eligible to become a part of this amazing lucky draw—no need to fill in lengthy forms or unnecessary personal information. You will automatically become a part of the offer once you follow the three steps given above.

Share your Delight with your Loved Ones as Well

Often, lucky draws only offer winners the prizes and consider them the owner of their winning. However, through ACE’s efforts, not only will the sender win a grand prize, but the receiver will be blessed with FREE airtime top-up in Ghana. The receiver will receive money inside their AZA Finance wallet and get a chance to have free airtime top-up. The system for airtime top-up is regulated through the following rules:

  • Every 1,000 Cedi or more transaction will result in a 10 Cedi airtime top-up for the beneficiary.
  • You can enter the draw numerous times daily by completing transactions of any amount for the iPhone 13 128 GB. However, the beneficiary is not eligible for the 10 Cedi Topup draw, as the minimum threshold is 1,000 Cedi.
  • Making several transactions allows for additional entries into the lucky draw. On the other hand, multiple transactions from one sender to one receiver in one day will be regarded as one entry.

Is there any Hidden Fee?

ACE is a dignified remittance service that goes by its words. Using tricks such as having hidden rules or fees is not how ACE conducted its previous lucky draws. ACE Money Transfer believes in complete transparency, which it ensures by providing real-time updated exchange rates and the facility to check transfer fees. Customers often make completely Fee-Free transfers depending upon the amount and the type of currency they choose. For new customers, the first transaction always remains FEE-FREE. 

Still not sure if you should participate in this offer because you are unfamiliar with ACE?

Safe, Secure and Rapid Remittance Through ACE

Security is a critical necessity for everything considered valuable. ACE is well known for providing secure and quick transactions worldwide. You may send money using ACE Money Transfer’s trusted methods. Wallet-to-wallet transfers are encrypted to ensure the security of the transaction process. So, sending money to Ghana will not rob you of your personal information or the safety promised you.

Trust ACE and AZA Finance – Give your Luck a Try

So, it’s time to reap the rewards of being an active member of the ACE Money Transfer team, which always keeps its services aimed at the advantage of its customers. Don’t pass up the opportunity to solve your money transfer problem while also having the possibility to win an attractive prize for you and your loved ones in Ghana.

Visit the ACE Money Transfer website for additional information on the terms and restrictions of this deal.