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Sell Pokémon Cards on eBaySell Pokémon Cards on eBay

Are you also a 90s kid with a rich collection of Pokémon cards? For many collecting Pokémon cards was a passionate hobby and they simply loved showing it off as a kid although many choose to keep their collection of Pokémon cards as memorabilia some would look to sell and make money.

So who will buy your Pokémon cards? Where do I sell them are some of the key questions which must arise in your mind as you look to sell them.

But we are here to solve all the queries revolving in your inquisitive minds.

In this article, we will be focusing on the best marketplace to sell Pokémon cards which is eBay.

Don’t go anywhere and keep reading to know it all about how to sell Pokémon cards on eBay

Why sell Pokémon cards on eBay?

Many might be wondering about what is so special about eBay that we should sell Pokémon cards on eBay. Well we will answer that for you

  • eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy and sell old things and hence one has the best chance to get more buyers of Pokémon cards on eBay
  • eBay allows the seller to sell Pokémon cards as an actionable item, thus allowing many to participate in the bidding process and help you earn more money from the Pokémon card collection you wish to sell.
  • eBay is used by many people across the globe and over several decades gives a sense of trust and security to sell your collection safely with less chance of fraud.

These are some of the key reasons one must look to sell Pokémon cards on eBay.

Steps to selling Pokémon Cards on eBay

The next thing to do is to sell your collection of Pokémon cards on eBay. Not understanding how to do it, don’t worry we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you sell Pokémon cards on eBay and make money

Step1: Collect all the cards you have and organize them by sets, it helps ease the selling process

Step2: Look to sort the cards by rarity as they will help you get more money

Step3: Pack the cards in card holders to protect them from any damages, scratches, or crease lines

Step4: Signup into an eBay account if you are a new user or login into your existing account

Step5: Decide on the prices of your cards by comparing prices available for the cards on other selling platforms

Step6; List your cards on eBay and put them up for an auction

Step7: Once the bidding ends sell your cards at the best price.

So these are the seven steps to sell Pokémon cards on eBay and make money.

Do I Have an Alternative Selling Platform

If due for some reason you are not able to or not want to sell your cards on eBay we have several other alternatives to sell your Pokémon cards.

Some of the best places to sell Pokémon cards apart from eBay are:

  • Facebook marketplace
  • Local Stores
  • TCG Player Marketplace:
  • Troll and Toad
  • Cape Fear Games
  • Card cavern
  • Dave and Adams:
  • Sell2BBNovelties

Final Words…

Hopefully, you enjoyed and loved reading about how to sell Pokémon cards on eBay. We would now like to bid farewell keep reading and enjoy reading our articles.

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