Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has helped out the Presidency (through the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention) to dispatch SA Youth, a public association offering energetic South Africans free induction to learning and gaining openings.

The NYDA will cooperate with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, key government workplaces, the private region, and normal society to dispatch SA Youth.

SA Youth licenses young people free permission to online work-searcher support resources, including:

hustling resources

foundation for the universe of work

learnership, contributing and further assessments resources

wellbeing and selfcare support

Young people can follow secured and trusted in position, volunteer, learnership, bursary and work experience open entryways in their space on the mobi-site. Adolescents can in like manner revive their contact nuances and business status on their SA Youth profile.

Uncover to me more about SA Youth:

Joining the association is 100% free. An adolescent will not at any point be drawn nearer to pay money to be fundamental for the association and access any of its features or benefits.

The mobi-site, is furthermore 100% data free. This infers that young people don’t must have data on their phone, PC or tablet to get to any of the SA Youth resources.

They also approach an integral assistance line (0800 727272) should they need any assistance, sponsorship or direction.

Anyone developed between 15 – 34 years can join the association

They ought to be South African or give a Refugee ID number to select

The SA Youth mobi-site is live and open for adolescents to use immediately. The Presidency will soon definitively dispatch the association extensively.

The SA Youth mobi-site is live and available for adolescents to use immediately. The Presidency will soon legitimately dispatch the association comprehensively.

Guidelines to be fundamental for the SA Youth association:


Enter your ID number – if your ID as of now exists on the system, you may have enlisted with SA Youth or Harambee or Tshepo 1Million beforehand. In case it’s not all that much difficulty, get back to tap on Login and use your ID number and existing mystery key.

At whatever point you have enlisted and recognized the T&Cs, compassionately complete all requests. This cycle will take you around 4 minutes.

Ensuing to completing all requests, various opportunities available near you will be shown. In case it’s not all that much difficulty, click on an opportunity you are charmed and apply.

Snap on the profile image to add additional information like educational capacities just as work understanding.

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