Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Tunisian conspicuous media financial specialist and columnist Sami Fehri said Sunday he would give up to experts on Tuesday after he was condemned to eight years in jail regarding a debasement case tracing all the way back to 2011.

Tunis first occasion court last week viewed the proprietor of Al-Hiwar Ettounsi TV to be blameworthy of defilement over the securing of the creation contract for his 2002-established media organization Cactus creation to the detriment of the public TV, back in 2011, under late President Ben Ali.

Fehri, following the court choice, posted a video Sunday on his Instagram account declaring his arrangement to hand himself over to specialists.

He denied bits of gossip asserting he escaped the country. The news big shot additionally denied any off-base doing regarding the charges evened out at him.

The court additionally condemned to 10 years in jail runway Belhassen Trabelsi, the brother by marriage of the late Ben Ali.

The court fined the two men $14 million each.

Five others, every one of them previous tops of the public TV, have been absolved, in accordance with the managerial compromise regulation.

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