Who are SafeDeposits Scotland?
SafeDeposits is Scotland’s driving tenure store conspire, which has drawn in around 69% of the market. We are one of the inhabitant store plans endorsed by the Scottish Government.

We hold the store during the occupancy to keep it safe and ensure it’s accessible to be gotten back to the inhabitant toward the finish of the tenure, in the event that they’ve met the details of their tenure arrangement.

We likewise offer a fair settlement administration on the off chance that a property manager and inhabitant can’t settle on who the store ought to be reimbursed to toward the finish of the tenure. This implies we’ll ask the property manager and occupant for additional data so an unbiased adjudicator can conclude what reimbursement is fair.

That’s what SafeDeposits guarantees:
All tenure stores are safely held and safeguarded
All debates about the arrival of the store are settled rapidly and decently
Our administration is accomplished with next to no extra expense to one or the other landowner or inhabitant.
Not at all like other occupant store plans, SafeDeposits is a not-for-benefit association, and any overflows created are given to our connected cause, the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust – an award giving foundation intended to advance schooling, preparing and best practice in Scotland’s confidential leased area.

We’re the main occupancy store plot situated in Scotland, working from our focal office in Glasgow downtown area.

You can figure out more about SafeDeposits in our plan rules.

We likewise have a property manager FAQ and occupant FAQ to assist with responding to your inquiries on subjects, for example, how to involve SafeDeposits Scotland and the guidelines comparable to inhabitant store plans.

Our statement of purpose is to:

  • Be a place of refuge for tenure stores in Scotland
  • Give an excellent, client centered and an incentive for cash tenure store security administration for occupants, specialists and property managers in Scotland
  • Guarantee that we give autonomous and fair settlement and question goal administrations according to occupancy store debates, and different questions where the ability of the organization can be used
  • Be viewed as the voice of expert on Tenancy Deposit Protection in Scotland