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with your property manager they don’t have to utilize a store conspire. Find data on when a store needn’t bother with to be safeguarded.

What your property manager ought to do
Your property manager should tell you:

how much the store is

what date the landowner got the store

what date it was safeguarded with the store plot

which conspire it was safeguarded with and contact subtleties for the plan

The tenure store plan ought to reach out to you straightforwardly to affirm that the landowner has done this.

On the off chance that you think your store isn’t secured
Contact every one of the three store plots and inquire as to whether your store is safeguarded with them.

Each plan has an enquiry structure to demand this data. You can likewise call them. These phone numbers may not be allowed to call.

MyDeposits Scotland
Store enquiry structure
0333 321 9402

Safe Deposits Scotland
Store Enquiry Form
03333 213136

Allowing Protection To support Scotland
Store Enquiry Form
0330 303 0031

On the off chance that the store isn’t safeguarded with any of the plans you will be qualified for pay. Getting composed affirmation from each plan is significant proof to have while applying for pay.

Remuneration in the event that your store isn’t safeguarded
The First-level Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber can arrange the landowner to pay you pay. You are qualified for this in the event that your store isn’t safeguarded inside 30 working days. The remuneration can really depend on multiple times how much your store.

You can apply to the court:

during your occupancy or

as long as 90 days after your occupancy has finished

In the event that you apply during your tenure, the court can likewise arrange the landowner to safeguard your store with a plan.

Instructions to apply for pay
You can apply to the council for pay by finishing up application structure G.

In segment 7a of the application structure, state “rule 103”.

What to ship off the court:
your finished application structure

a duplicate of your tenure understanding

proof that your tenure has finished assuming you are applying after you have moved out

composed proof from every one of the three plans that your store isn’t safeguarded with them

Getting your unprotected store back
In the event that your landowner doesn’t return your unprotected store toward the finish of your occupancy you can guarantee the cash back. The council can arrange the property manager to take care of the cash to you.

Use application structure F to apply to the court. Remember for your application:

what cash you accept you are owed

proof of you paying the property manager a store, like a bank proclamation or receipt from the landowner

proof that it was not safeguarded with a plan

On the off chance that you have a confidential private tenure the court rule number is 111. For a guaranteed or short guaranteed occupancy it is rule 70.

This is independent from applying for remuneration. It tends to be made simultaneously if you have any desire to get your store back and get pay too.

Getting your safeguarded store back
Your landowner ought to tell the occupancy store conspire when your tenure finishes. They will let the plan know if they have any desire to put aside derivations from your installment before it is gotten back to you.

The store plan will inquire as to whether you concur with the allowances. On the off chance that you disagree then you can demand a debate goal.

Debate goal for safeguarded stores
In the event that you request to utilize the goal cycle, your property manager needs to go into it with you.

You might have to show that you have attempted to haggle with your property manager first.

The plan will consider proof that you and your property manager give them. A choice ought to be arrived at inside 20 working days.

You can request a survey on the off chance that you can’t help contradicting the choice.

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