Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The PDF file format is widely used for document sharing and transmission. This guarantees that the file will appear appropriately regardless of the user’s device or operating system. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you first convert any files stored in a format other than PDF, such as.docx or.odt, before proceeding. 

It is common practice to generate a PDF file after scanning paper documents. Worse yet, what should be done if the file is not shown correctly and the pages themselves are not aligned correctly? SnapPDF gives you a number of totally free options for changing the PDF’s orientation before saving it.

Uses that could benefit from the PDF reader’s Rotate Document option

It’s likely that every user has encountered the following situation: The scanning process starts when you feed a document into the scanner and turn it on. Before checking the scanned file, you might not realize the sheet has been rotated by 180 degrees, making it appear upside down. 

Are fresh scans really necessary? Likely not is the quick response. Instead of doing that, saving the PDF in a rotated orientation is much more time-efficient. You’ll save time by not having to repeatedly scan the same pages.

The reader can choose from several layouts when presented with a flyer, brochure, or coupon. Common examples of such information include the imprint and the reply form, both of which are typically placed perpendicular to the main text. The printout’s orientation must change even if it’s going to be folded. 

Because of this, verifying the information on the printout and reading the complete piece of content is a challenge. It only takes a few clicks to enable the Rotate PDF Page feature, making it possible to read any text saved on the computer in the optimal viewing orientation.

SnapPDF suggests using the PDF format for sending files. Two of the most notable benefits are the compact file size and the uniform display across all devices. A lot of the file format’s features aren’t used, but they’re there if you need them. One very relevant use case is the creation of a fillable PDF form.