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You have wheeled or rolling freight that you’d want to ship down to Nigeria, but you don’t know how? Have you ever wondered about the most convenient way to transport your large-wheeled freights to their final destination?

When it comes to RoRo shipping from the USA to Nigeria, do you know of any trustworthy companies to turn to?

First and foremost, you must be aware of the following.

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In this article, we’ll suppose that you’re just lost and have no idea where to go from where you are right now. When you’re searching for an affordable, fast, and reliable freight forwarder to carry your wheeled goods to Nigeria, it’s very important to seek these characteristics.

What is RoRo Freight Shipping and how does it work?

An abbreviation for the phrase “Roll on-Roll off” is “Ro-Ro.” It is the most common way to ship or move wheeled cargo around the world. When compared to using a shipping container, this option is far less expensive.

It is, in reality, an alternate mode of delivery for LoLo (lift on-Lift off). Ships, aircraft, and trains may all transport RoRo freight.

This is in contrast to lift-on, lift-off (LOLO) ships, which load and unload cargo with the use of a crane.

This shipping mode is the most profitable and widely used for moving wheel freight such as automobiles, trucks, and railway components. Boats, small aeroplanes, helicopters, and other vessels without wheels may also be transported using this method. This shows that the myth that RoRo can’t handle big or heavy things is even more false.

In reality, RoRo shipping is sometimes the only practical means of sea freight transportation for any big vehicles, since they may not be able to fit into regular shipping containers for transit. The approach is well-known for being used for freight that cannot fit inside a normal ISO container.

Depending on the method used, freight may either be driven onto and off the ship, aircraft, or train by itself, or it can be put onto a pallet and then transported to the ship hold by a tractor.

Safely transporting cargo using RoRo

Hired drivers with specialised training are responsible for ensuring that vehicles are driven safely into and off of the ship. When the vehicles are loaded into the ship, they are fastened to numerous lashing or attaching points. They are secured to the car in two places at the rear and one at the front.

Aside from that, skilled cargo handlers do thorough inspections to guarantee that the straps are correctly tightened during the journey.

This will guarantee that the shipment will arrive at its destination in one piece and undamaged.

It’s not a good idea to be fooled by fake operators who say they’re going to take care of your commodities. When looking for dependable freight forwarders, you must proceed with caution.

Always seek for freight forwarders that are registered, reputable, and easy to contact. Ensure that you are aware of all aspects of RoRo shipping from USA to Nigeria in order to prevent any mistakes.

Can you transport personal belongings in vehicles?

It’s a question we’ve received many times from our many satisfied clients in Nigeria and beyond. The truth is that a number of things influence this. One of these criteria is where you want to export your cars. Every nation has its own set of restrictions and regulations.

Some RoRo operators carry all of their personal belongings on their ships, even their cars. But there are a large number of people who, for whatever reason, do not tolerate this. 

As a general rule, we suggest our customers to notify us ahead of time if they want to send personal things inside of their vehicles. This is to ensure that we have accurate information and can communicate effectively with Customs.

Get Assistance With RORO Shipping

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