In the fashion section, it has been evolving over time, creating new styles, garments, or even intervening with old garments to give them a more modern style, generating trends. This is what happened from a few years ago to the present, with the Jeans. Torn clothing, in the past, represented damage, which meant that it was immediately taken to a tailor to repair so that it could be worn again. However, due to constant changes in designs, ripped jeans are now a trend, and if you like to be fashionable, you should consider buying them.

It is very likely that, if you do not know this product well, you do not have a clear idea about how to buy it, since you do not know what characteristics can make it flattering or not. If this is your case, you should not worry too much, because through this article you will learn what is necessary about this product.

First things

A ripped jean is, basically, a design style that is applied in the well-known Jean, which is torn in certain areas of the fabric, along the leg, in order to generate a more informal, sexy, and daring effect on the look. person, also highlighting his legs. In today’s market, it is important that you take into account the various models that you can find on ripped jeans, and there are two in particular that you should take into account, the small ones, which consist of minimal tears, with little skin, or the large ones, which expose the skin in a very daring way. Although you have already decided, it is important that, before making the final decision, you take into account certain factors that will help you compare different options, making the selection process easier. Aspects such as the torn area, style, color, and type of pants are relevant.

Shopping guide

After knowing the three best models of cheap women’s jeans, you may already have an idea about what they are, and better yet, which one suits you best according to your need and your body type. However, it is important that, before you make the final decision, you know about some terms.

What are ripped jeans and what advantages do they have?

A ripped jean is, in short, a style of modern jean, whose design is mainly based on ripped parts, which are usually found on the thighs, knees, or ankles, depending on the overall design of the piece. Among its many advantages, there is the semi-casual appearance that you can use with them, in addition, depending on the area where the tears are, your attributes will be better accentuated. Also, the appearance of these jeans is very jovial and sexy, so the person who wears them will look that way.

At this point, it is very likely that you think that it is the perfect product, and the truth is that they are one of the best aesthetically speaking, and they are very popular. However, like any product on the market, it has advantages and disadvantages that you should know before making the purchase.

Mall ripped jeans or Big ripped jeans – what should you pay attention to?

Today, in the ripped jeans industry, rip openings have been changing, while some are very inconspicuous, others are highly exaggerated, to the point of exposing too much skin. Each model has its function, and therefore you should know them well before buying, so you know which one suits you best.

Ripped Jeans: What are the best of 2022?

Small Ripped Jean: They are the most subtle of the ripped jeans. This type of design consists of very minimal tears, which do not even expose the skin, since the idea is to give the pants a daring decoration, without being too exaggerated. With this kind of ripped jeans, you can look formal, even when they have these details.

Largely ripped jeans: They are the most daring and fun of this kind of Jean. The design consists of very large rips, which can even expose the entire leg. They are very sexy and party animals, which makes them extremely informal. They cover every little, so it is not a garment that protects too much.

How much are ripped jeans?

One of the characteristics that most concerns a buyer is the price of the product, and it is important that you keep in mind how much money you will have to invest. In the case of women distressed jeans, the price may vary, but it is not a very expensive product.

If you are looking for simple jeans, not very tight, that have ripped or torn details, prices may vary according to gender, but they are between the values ​​of 200 MXN to 900 MXN, taking into account the brand.

If you are looking for a more fitted, accentuated, and sexy model, with many rips that enhance the legs when worn, the price increases, since this type of jean usually shapes the legs and, if it is high-waisted, flattens the abdomen. It ranges between 400 MXN and 3,000 MXN.