The most recent VALORANT legend true to life, Duality, given more knowledge into the universe of VALORANT and the battle for Radianite. The trailer was joined by a free Duality Player Card that is just accessible for the following 48 hours.

Players should visit and enter the code YTILAUD to open the Duality Player Card. The card shows Yoru, Jett, Viper, Phoenix, and Cipher rising into what has all the earmarks of being an entry prompting another universe or world.

The Duality Cinematic was uncovered during the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavik excellent finals as Fnatic and Sentinels battled for the title of the best VALORANT group on the planet. Fans were shocked by another Duality true to life trailer that incorporated the new player card.

The new realistic trailer shows Killjoy, Phoenix, and Viper keeping a substitute Phoenix from taking Radianite with a spike. Phoenix is confounded by his substitute adaptation with gleaming red eyes that has all the earmarks of being from another universe or measurement. The Duality Card features this idea of two universes crashing as various adaptations of specialists battle to guard or take radianite.

VALORANT players actually have many inquiries regarding the legend and world in the game, and the most recent trailer just started to expose what’s underneath.

The Duality Player Card might be accessible for 48 hours, so make a point to reclaim yours before its past the point of no return.