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Coffee Consumption GuidelinesCredit: Amir Article

It’s difficult to get over coffee. More than addiction, it’s sometimes a necessity.

Coffee helps us stay awake during those long and tiring work hours. It gives us the strength to drive for long hours without stopping.  

Sometimes it’s the best thing when you’re planning a casual date. It’s also a comfort beverage for cold nights when you just wanna feel cozy.

However, we cannot deny the painful heartburn and stomach aches that can sometimes result due to coffee consumption. 

Now, let us understand why coffee causes heartburn and how we can avoid the pain and enjoy our favorite beverage without any worries.

Why Does Coffee Give You Heartburn?

Coffee may induce heartburn in some people (LES).

Too much caffeine can relax the muscles at the lower end of your esophagus or the lower esophageal sphincter. This creates an opening for stomach acid to enter the esophagus, resulting in acid reflux and a constant need for antacids. 

Chest pain, a burning taste at the back of your throat, and a burning sensation in your chest after eating or drinking are all signs of the condition. However, do note that there isn’t any study that could directly relate coffee to acid reflux issues or heartburn. 

How To Avoid Heartburn When Drinking Coffee?

Here are some great ways you can try out to continue enjoying coffee without its consequences

Drink Coffee With Lower Acidic Levels

Even people without a history of heartburn symptoms can experience stomach issues due to the acidity in coffee. Coffee is an acidic beverage by nature. 

Some people, especially those who are sensitive to acid in their foods and drinks, may experience discomfort and indigestion as a result.

It’s what inspired the creator of Golden Ratio to enter the low-acid coffee industry.

Low-acid, gold roast coffee is a type of coffee that does not produce heartburn. Low-acid coffee may not only taste smoother and less harsh, but it may also be easier on the stomach.

Control Caffeine Intake

Ask your doctor for medical counsel if any amount of caffeine is giving you stomach pain to determine whether it is the result of coffee or something else.

Additionally, consuming too much caffeine might worsen anxiety and interfere with sleep. Caffeinated coffee is a healthy food option when consumed in moderation.

The limit for daily caffeine consumption for healthy adults is 400 mg or the equivalent of around 4 cups of coffee, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Drink High-quality Coffee

Choose premium arabica coffee beans to up your coffee game. Find companies that use ethical sourcing practices. Steer clear of coffees with artificial tastes or colors or blends of highly processed instant coffee.

Learn how to read labels before purchasing any new coffee variety.

The same guidelines apply if you want to completely avoid caffeine by drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Decaf coffee may help reduce heartburn symptoms if the caffeine in your coffee is the source of your heartburn. However, for some people, a low-acid, gold roast will do the trick.

Avoid Additive Inflammatories

Your coffee’s addition of cream and sugar could be the source of your heartburn.

Some people have discovered that adding milk to their coffee reduces the symptoms of heartburn, while many feel it just makes things worse. 

High-fat milk and creamers are known to cause heartburn and are not good for anyone who is lactose intolerant to any degree.

Belly bloating and generalized body inflammation has been linked to sugars and artificial sweeteners. They are challenging to digest, which may make any heartburn symptoms you already have worse.

Isolating those potential triggers ingredient by ingredient is the only way to identify the additives in your cup that is causing the heartburn. DC League of Super-Pets (2022) Full Movie Online

Switch Brewing Methods

Change your brewing process if your coffee comes with a side of tummy discomfort.

A cold brew coffee can work for you because it normally contains less acid. DC League of Super-Pets (2022) Online Free

Some studies have found that cold brew has a lower acid level than hot coffee. It suggests that when the hot water or milk comes in contact with the coffee ground, it produces a reaction that can make your beverage acidic.

Change to premium paper filters if you’re used to French press-style or metal-filtered coffees to relieve some of your stress over time.  DC League of Super-Pets Streaming Online Free

The majority of the cafestol contained in some coffees is removed using paper filters. A substance called cafestol has been connected to rises in LDL cholesterol, sometimes known as “bad” cholesterol.


It’ll be cruel to suggest coffee lovers stop drinking their favorite beverage. However, by trying out the steps mentioned above, you might be able to dodge all discomforts that show up due to coffee consumption. If you have any more suggestions, do leave us a comment below. DC League of Super-Pets 2022 Free Online