Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Recognition of Prior LearningRecognition of Prior Learning: Why You Should Pursue An RPL

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is fundamentally different from how people generally acquire qualifications. Rather than sitting exams and submitting assignments, you are making a formal argument for the skills and knowledge you have already acquired. RPL is a process of self-assessment and investigation so that you can confirm or dispute the type of qualifications and the level of expertise you have already achieved. This is an essential step in your career and something you should consider doing as part of your plan to develop your skills. 

Every person has skills that they have acquired over the years, either through work or study, and an accredited organization should formally acknowledge these. When applied correctly, rpl can enhance your resume and help you to achieve career goals earlier than would otherwise be possible.

The RPL process is not a stand-alone qualification but rather an element in a wider overall approach to your career. It can provide you with the evidence you need to support your work history, skills, credentials, and education so that you can get ahead of the pack in your chosen career. Applying the RPL process to your current career situation will help you uncover opportunities you did not know existed.

Who can benefit from Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL is accessible to anyone who has reached a plateau in their field and is looking for a way forward, or it can be used to help you acquire the credentials you need to progress into a completely different line of work. RPL can help you to see your current situation in a different light. It provides you with the opportunity to build your career rather than accept the status quo. You can begin to make plans and put yourself in a position where you can confidently move forward. This will help you form a more productive working relationship with your boss. But it will also help you set out on your own and build a successful career.

Why should you pursue an Recognition of Prior Learning?

The RPL process means that you are gaining recognition for your experience. Rather than simply providing theoretical knowledge of what you know. When employers look at a resume, they want to see evidence of the skills and talents that someone has. It is very rare ever to see a resume with no references at all. It can be difficult to find information on your previous experience when moving into a new industry. RPL helps you confirm and document your prior knowledge and skills so that others can see and recognize them.

How do I know if I am ready for Recognition of Prior Learning?

The first step in the RPL process is to apply some general principles to your current situation. Look at your experience and try to identify the skills you have developed in your current job or industry. Next, look at how you can apply these skills to your study or career goals. Identifying where you want to go will help you to choose an appropriate qualification pathway. 

The next step in the RPL process is to agree on a method of assessment. This could be an exam or an assignment, or it could be some form of demonstration. When choosing an assessment method, consider your strengths and the different ways in which you learn most effectively.