Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
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If you are new to Twitch, you are thinking-for some “What is Twitch and how does it operate while for others, ‘isn’t that for gamers”. These are the responses people give at the mention of Twitch live streaming. Yes truth be told, twitch is mostly popular for live streaming games though there is a big community of creative arts; music, cooking, and all other related activities. Have you live-streamed on any social media platform; YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram? Could you have had a show on ConcertWindow or even StageIt? Just like these platforms, Twitch live streaming allows your audience to post comments on the charts while you verbally respond to the comments.

With technological advancement has come so much newsfeed on social media so that your stream can get lost amongst them. Not with Twitch. This is a platform just made for live streaming. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitch demarcates newsfeeds and live streams. Have you had a problem locating your Livestream before? How did you feel? It takes a lot of effort and planning to come up with a live stream let alone locating it amongst never-ending Livestream. You want to save yourself from all these right? Here are the reasons why you want to prioritize Twitch live streaming over other live streaming platforms.

1. Twitch is a mature platform with a supportive and growing community

For the last 8 years, twitch has turned the world of live streaming around. The platform has more than 15 million daily users. This is not a startup though. It has several categories apart from gaming and music is amongst the top in the non-gaming category. Do other platforms provide growth of healthy communities? Do they support other content creators? From my experience on other platforms, this is not the case. On Facebook, for instance, musicians are competing against each other and are always involved in making scathing remarks about other musicians.

The experience on Twitch is on another level. If we look at music, for instance, musicians watch and subscribe to each other’s channels. They raid each other. Not like pastoralists. This is different. They send their viewers to a channel of their liking when they are done streaming. Remember, if you can market your streams on other platforms. Even better, buy Twitch viewers to improve your fan base. You play on each other’s channels or better still, you can play live together. This is more than a community. It cannot even be compared to traditional communities because let’s face it, in those communities, there still were those sent away due to jealousy or even harming others. Twitch provides an ideal live streaming experience.

2. The platform is not saturated like other platforms

Though the audience of other categories by no means compare to Twitch viewers, music for instance is still big enough such that viewers normally watch their favorite content while opening the platform for new talent. Twitch is far much better than YouTube in terms of the Livestreaming experience. On YouTube, there are so many content creators that you may not even be noticed as a new artist. With reasonable effort, it’s fairly easy to build an audience on Twitch since most of these categories keep growing.

3. You don’t have to depend on partners or ads to make money on Twitch

Why would a company spend millions of dollars on a 30-minute super bowl campaign? Can’t they just produce excellent buyers or even create their online profile and wait for buyers to come? In Twitch, the amount you get is pegged on the number of viewers you have. On other platforms, you cannot get by going live alone. You have to run several ads about what you do to get more funds.

There are also off Twitch donations. Since it takes some level of benchmark to be paid the number of Twitch subscriptions, companies like Stream labs have come up with ways of ensuring that you earn from the first day of live streaming. It’s very easy to live stream on Twitch. It’s just like hanging out with friends while storing and playing music.

Do you have active followers? Have you been previously misled into buying passive followers? Twitch is very effective in helping its users to get actual funds. Do you feel so worked up while promoting yourself? Twitch enables you to have fun even during self-promotion thereby bringing feelings of gratefulness which is the cornerstone to happiness.