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The SharePoint program is engaging due to the current improvements where Microsoft introduced Office 365 services to the cloud. Office 365 is a cloud service that is available with SharePoint Online. Collectively they assist companies to enhance their communication and collaboration. Various businesses have already taken advantage of these services and SharePoint online has witnessed mass adoption. Migration can be a complicated process whether you try Dropbox to SharePoint Migration or any type of migration but adopting SharePoint Online is totally worth it.


Here is why:

User management becomes simple

The SharePoint Online program has fixed the On-prem structure constraints on users’ capabilities to distribute data with external users. Users can share websites, individual documents, and folders with any person who has a Microsoft Account connected to their corporate e-mail address. Guest connections can be allotted to users for particular read or edit permissions. You can increase the efficiency of workflow with the help of a Virtual Desktop Cloud.


Enhancements to OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online also provides your business with access to OneDrive, so you can save and share your files in the cloud. OneDrive for Business provides organizations a space to put all their important files and the ability to distribute and collaborate both internally and externally on any device. When you store your data in your cloud’s “My documents” folder, you can designate particular access permissions. Also, the new “Sync client” function allows you to sync files from your SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Ultimately, the latest OneDrive app gives a mobile-friendly experience as well. It gives you analytics on the use of your documents.


No waiting for the latest updates and features

Microsoft has a proactive communication plan on its current updates and latest features. Office 365 users have the chance of getting immediate updates on the latest releases and updates than those who work on SharePoint On-Premises.


Use SharePoint Online any place and anytime

Office 365 and SharePoint Online, as the name implies, enables users to work from any place and anytime. Users are not limited to one device or a particular network. They can operate offline on documents and sync the data from SharePoint Online to Windows Explorer. In this scenario, any modifications that have been made while offline will be uploaded directly to SharePoint Online as soon as the user reconnects to the internet. The other exciting component for mobility is the latest SharePoint mobile app. This app is introduced with the knowledge from the Office Graph, so it becomes simple to trace every user’s experience in the SharePoint mobile app. It is customized depending on the user’s functions in SharePoint.


Security enhancements

The office 365 system enables you to pay for only what you require. The monthly subscription plan enables you to add and remove users as your business changes. Microsoft Cloud often brings up threats around data security. Luckily, SharePoint Online has several layers of security to secure your data. These include:

  • Physical Security
  • Encryption Data
  • Backups
  • Identity Protection
  • Data Misuse

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