Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Real Raw News - Is Michael Baxter a Conspiracy Theorist?

Real Raw News is a website that features both entertainment and educational content. The site includes parody and satire, but the content is generally educational in nature. It is okay to use Real Raw News content as long as you include a link to the original article. Before you use the content, though, make sure that you read the terms of service.

Michael Baxter

Michael Baxter, a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist, has been arrested and charged with spreading fake news online. He has a history of posting ridiculous stories and conspiracy theories on his website. Baxter, real name Michael Tuffin, is 53 years old. He has denied all allegations and is awaiting trial.

Since the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Pants on Fire has gotten more attention. According to Zignal, a social media tracking site, the false story was shared nearly 20,000 times on Twitter. Despite the fact that the story is not true, Baxter’s website has gained massive fame among Internet users.

The website billed itself as an independent publisher that publishes stories that mainstream media ignore. It has published over 150 articles since December 2020. Several of its articles, such as those on military arrests and executions, have received thousands of social media engagements. The website’s articles are written in the style of authentic news stories and are often published in installments.

Michael Tuffin

Real Raw News is an online news website that has gotten some flack for its fake news stories. The stories are written by Michael Baxter, using the pseudonym “Michael Tuffin.” He has published more than 150 stories under this pseudonym. His stories are described as satire on the website, but Tuffin has said that the content is entirely true.

Real Raw News is a website that publishes a variety of far-fetched hoaxes and conspiracy theories. The website is unusual in that it tends to publish more extreme false claims than most other misinformation sites. It also tends to publish multiple stories about the same hoax.

The site advertises itself as an independent publisher that explores content that mainstream news outlets avoid. Since its launch in late December 2020, Real Raw News has published dozens of articles that feature outrageous tales. These articles, including ones about Air Force pilot resignations, routinely garner thousands of social media engagements, according to BuzzSumo, an audience metrics tool.


The website Real Raw News, which has more than 150 stories on the site, is a relatively new phenomenon. The website’s author, Michael Baxter, writes under the pseudonym Michael Tuffin and disclaims that his stories are satire, though he has publicly defended his work as fact. In response to a question about fact-checking his stories, he has defended the site and its stories as truth.

Raw-News is an independent video news agency network that connects freelancers to broadcasters. It is an innovative, technology-based news channel that uses the latest video editing and production techniques. The company’s team includes journalists, video editors, and producers who have years of experience in reporting hard news.

The website claims to publish articles that mainstream media avoid, such as controversial military topics and military trials. It launched in late December 2020 and has since published more than 150 articles. Some of the most popular articles on the site involve the twisted narrative of military arrests and executions. These articles have received thousands of social media engagements, according to audience metrics tool BuzzSumo.

Bill Gates

If you’ve ever been interested in Bill Gates’ past, you might have seen some of his posts in Real Raw News. They were satirical and included a lot of false information. One such story is that Bill Gates was involved in a massive vaccine fraud. This prompted a worldwide manhunt.

However, the US Department of Defense and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have denied the reports. Nevertheless, the Microsoft founder has been active on social media since the rumor began and has appeared at numerous public events. We have also noted that he has a large number of followers on verified Twitter.

Real Raw News is an independent publisher who explores stories that mainstream media tends to ignore. Since December, it has published more than 150 articles. Some of these articles, such as the one about military arrests and executions, have been popular enough to receive thousands of social media engagements. The site uses BuzzSumo as an audience metric tool.

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