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All Debrid device: Is it worth paying for >> Streaming apps are pretty significant and provide a different view on home entertainment. Online streamers can enjoy extensive TV channels, the latest movies, and shows from different apps. The majority of streaming apps are designed to work with a variety of devices. Today users can download free movies, live shows, sports, news, and more online apps. However, the experience can be frustrating when you get dead links, insufficient internet connections, and poor quality content.

Tech innovation has introduced solutions for every new technology. Streaming apps experience challenges such as crackdowns, internet throttling, and surveillance, but experts provide VPNs to help hide identity and surpass geographical restrictions. For the dead links, slow connections quality. Several companies help in providing quality links. Online users can use unique downloading services such as real Debrid device and allDebrid device for their streaming apps like Kodi.

What is All Debrid device?

All Debrid device is an exclusive premium link generator. It is used for streaming apps (Kodi) and hosts to provide quality links. All Debrid device works a hosting service and assist cord-cutters to get the best from their streaming devices. The service/ tools are compatible with different devices such as Amazon Fire TV stick and Kodi and Cinema APK.


All Debrid device offers a vast number of functions as follows:

High-quality download speed.
Wide range of tools and addons
More than 70 server hosts.
It can support 900 plus streams which can work with live TV streams.
Has a 7-day trial with unlimited services.
Has happy hours for free users to enjoy high speed.
All Debrid device works with Chrome and Firefox links.
It downloads using HTTPS to help hide your downloads from ISP.
Has one-click streaming for the selected video player.
It can play from magnetic links.

How to sign up for All Debrid device?

The service offers new users a 7-day free trial to sign up through the official website. The trial offers regular download speeds and all other services. Once satisfied, the user can opt for the premium version.

30 days -3.99 Euros
90 days-8.99 Euros
180 days -15.99 Euro every month.
The users can pay through the following services:

Credit card
Amazon pay

Is All Debrid device is legal?

All Debrid device is legal software and uses legal file providers. The tools are not responsible if the user decided to download illegal content. However, All Debrid device cannot keep tracing all the illegal downloads, thus justifying itself. The software operates like Kodi, which is legal, but third-party addons installed may tamper with illegal contents.

How to use All Debrid device

The service is relatively cheap compared to other file link generators. It provides a 7-day free trial and offers regular download speeds. Users can start with the 30 days services for 4 Euros. However, it’s better to check the service compatibility with your devices once you pay the subscription fee and download the plugin if you’re using the browser.

Setting up All Debrid device on Kodi

Sign up for an All Debrid device account and pay your preferred package.
On your device, have Kodi addons install and launch Kodi to proceed.
Go to the settings tab and select the system option.
Proceed and click “standard” next to the setting icon.
Double click the “standard” button for it to change to “advanced.”
Select “addons” followed by “manage dependencies.”
Click on resolved URL>configure.
Select universal resolvers under the All Debrid device option.
Choose the tab “priority” >change priority from 100 to 90. The option means any links offer for the content will prioritize All Debrid device links first.
Now click “OK”>configure button.
Proceed and click universal resolvers and turn on the All Debrid device button. The user can also turn on torrent support if downloading any content.
Select the option “reauthorize my account” and write the code that shows on the page.
Proceed to the web page and type the code.
The system will send you an authorized text on Kodi.
The user should repeat the 9 to last steps for URL resolver for other devices.
All Debrid device is an excellent service and worth trying. It is compatible with a wide range of add-ons though not as Real Debrid device. The service has been operation since 2011 and has been doing well. However, the customer service is non-existent. The prices are fair compared to all other services.

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