Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Undoubtedly, UAE is one of the biggest yet most stable markets where everyone wants to invest. There is a lot of potential in the real estate sector in the UAE and thus, it attracts thousands and millions of investors each year. The real estate sector is one of the most flourishing sectors in the UAE.

In the UAE, Dubai is globally known for its luxurious apartments, skyscraper buildings, safest living, and most modern place to enjoy and live. In recent years, a great number of people have entered Dubai to earn their livelihood. No opportunity is without risk and therefore, once the opportunities increase, the risk factor also triggers. There is always a risk of dispute and deadlock which can’t be ignored.

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Whenever any landlord intends to vacate his property, he always dispatches the prior notice to the tenant. The tenancy eviction notice is sent by the landlord in written form to ensure the place will be vacated. This situation may appear simple but this is not the case, landlords and tenants fight each other in many instances.

All the tenants enjoy similar rights whenever they take over the property for rent. The landlords are not allowed to vacate the property on an immediate basis. Instead, there is a need to send tenancy eviction notices and adhere to specific processes which must be followed.

On the other hand, the landlord is not bound to give the reason for vacating. He can simply request the tenant to vacate. If he intends to give the property at a higher rate than before, this reason must not be mentioned. Instead, narrate reasons like he wants to sell, renovate, maintain, or for personal usage, etc. Tenancy eviction notice should be given 12 months in advance to the tenant. According to the law, this is mandatory and can’t be ignored.

The reason for vacating can be any but the tenancy eviction notice should be given. The notice must be sent from the notary. Notary means that attestation is done and thus, can be sent through a registered email. The tenancy eviction notice should be dispatched by email and notary to remain on the safer side. This will allow a smooth relationship between landlords and tenants and in the future disputes can be avoided.

Furthermore, landlords need to ensure that the tenant receives the tenancy eviction notice. This notice should be in written form with a duration of 12 months. The dates should be mentioned in the notices.

Real estate attorneys are qualified and well-equipped individuals who have been handling rental issues and other related issues to landlords and tenants. It is always beneficial to have a real estate lawyer on board to tackle these matters systematically. They assist the client in the amicable settlement of the outstanding matter.

They try to bridge the gap between the landlord and tenant and thus, also provide mediation services if needed. In addition, they also offer legal advice to their clients along with other services. Real estate lawyers are also known as property lawyers.